Currently June - Saddle up for Second Grade

Currently June

Its CURRENTLY time! I'm linking up with Farley for this months link up! I'm just warning you, there is tons of baby girl excitement in this post! If you are new to my blog, I'm currently 6 months pregnant and could not be more excited for the arrival of our baby girl in a few months! 

Listening: One Tree Hill is my all time favorite show. I was devastated when it ended. Now I binge watch all the seasons about once a year. So, I'm laid up in my bedroom with my feet propped up and watching on Netflix! Ah the joys of summer!

Loving: I am a lake rat. My family has a cabin on Possum Kingdom Lake here in Texas and it is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Texas has suffered from severe drought for the past 5 years and unfortunately our lake cabin hasn't had water since. Over the past month, Texas has gotten enough rain to make a lake the size of the state of Rhode Island. LOL! Although the floods and storms have caused a lot of damage to my great state, our lake cabin now has water again! A month ago, you couldn't even see water from our dock, and now it is overflowing. It took 5 years but God finally answered our prayers. There is lots of clean up to be done but I can't wait to get our boat out on the water and for our daughter to spend the summer there next year! 

Thinking: We have a doctors appointment today! I can't wait to see our baby girl. That sweet heartbeat makes my heart smile. 

Wanting: I feel like I say this all the time but I miss my girls! My best friends live on the opposite side of the state and I only see them about once a year. They are coming for my baby shower in a few weeks and I could not be more excited!!!

Needing: Our sweet girl will be here in about 3 months!!! Can ya'll tell that I am excited or what? My   pretty home office has been downsized to a small corner in our spare bedroom and it is now going to be our sweet nursery. We have the crib set up and now we just need to start organizing things we've already gotten and getting ready for her arrival. I have several projects I need to get done. I see a trip or two to Hobby Lobby over the next several weeks! 

Here is our precious crib! I am in LOVE with it! It only took 3 stores and 2 states (we live about an hour from Shreveport, LA) to get it! My husband got major points for dealing with my craziness of wanting this crib! He did it all without any complaints. 

The sweet ladies at my school threw me a shower last week. We are so thankful for everything they have done for my little growing family. We have lots to organize and get done and will have even more to do with showers coming up. 
Don't hate on the mess! It will soon be a place for our baby girl to lay her head to rest at night! Eeekkk! I can't wait! 

Summer Lovin: Nursery prep and baby showers will be how I spend most of my summer. Once I get back from Vegas, I will be put on no travel so all the shower fun will be happening during the month of June. Speaking of VEGAS....t-minus 32 days until I leave for the iTeach 2nd and TPT conferences! I can't wait to present and see some of my favorite people! 

The rest of my time will be spent with my feet propped up (doctors orders), in the sweet sunshine, and at the lake relaxing. Although the school year was wonderful, I'm ready for some downtime.

Earlier I mentioned that Texas has experienced some awful flooding and storms the past few weeks. If you know me, you know that I am a true Texan and will do anything to help my great state. Farley has set up donations to help the town of Wimberley, which has suffered severe devastation due to storms. You can donated to help Wimberley Animal Adoption and Rescue by clicking here


  1. i love your lake cabin in Texas!! We are due to visit Texas next April and i am currently trying to find some fab places to stay!! It looks lovely there! Enjoy Vegas! So jealous of you all going, i hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Congrats on your little bundle of joy! I would be super excited too! And I'm glad to hear about your lake house. Looks like fun! I hope to be traveling to Vegas as well for I teach 1st! Maybe we will bump into each other!

  3. Thanks so much for donating…
    I think my hubby's aunt has a house on the lake you mentioned… he isn't here to ask right now.. BUT not too many lakes are called Possum Kingdom Lake


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