Wordless Wednesday: Read to Self - Saddle up for Second Grade

Wordless Wednesday: Read to Self

It is Wednesday friends. You know what that means....we are halfway to Friday! I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday. 

Are ya'll ready for my super fancy picture?

Any guesses on what this might be for?

I'm doing the Daily 5 along with guided reading during my reading block. I have a very talkative group so I'm having to take things a little slower and I'm fine with that. We are spending a week on each concept. Last week, we focused only on read to self. This week we are working on read to self and work on writing. We've done lots of practice. This was their time today for read to self. It might not seem like much for read to self on day 9 but I am super proud of my kiddos. They are working hard on building their stamina. It'll take us some time to get into the full swing of things but that is ok with me. 

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  1. Great job on building stamina! I know how frustrating that can be....especially when you're just ready to dig in and get down to lessons, guided groups, and assessments. AHHHH! Pretty soon, they'll be pros with stamina like marathon runners!
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