Peek At My Week: Place Value, Author's Purpose, Marshmallow Science and More!

Happy Sunday ya'll! I hope everyone has spent their weekend relaxing and do no work of any kind that is school related #saidnoteacherever! I normally try to keep my Sundays work free but sometimes that just doesn't happen. While the hubs watches football, I work on lesson plans. Here is a quick run down on how I plan my week. I meet with my partner teacher on Tuesdays to talk about the upcoming week. We teach the same concepts but we do not use the same materials. I plan everything out on Wednesdays (sometimes this rolls over to Thursdays). I make my copies of Thursdays (sometimes this rolls over to Friday LOL) and I file everything away and get my stations ready on Fridays. So far this year, I haven't had to go up to the school on the weekend. I'm trying hard to stay away this year. I'm linking up with DeeDee from Mrs.Wills Kindergarten again to share my week with you. 

*click on any of the pictures below to take you to a PDF with the hyperlinks to the products I'm using.*

In math we are starting place value. I'll review 2 digit numbers the first part of the week. I already know my students can count base ten blocks with 2 digit numbers. I'm hoping a quick review with word form and expanded notation will do the trick. We'll do lots of modeling with manipulatives and a place value work mat. The mat I'm using is a freebie I found on TPT. 

On Wednesday, move on to 3 digit numbers but we will not use hundreds blocks. Go Math wants them to have a good concept that 12 tens blocks is equal to 120. We'll spend the the rest of that week practicing that concept before moving onto hundreds blocks next week. 

I plan to throw in some some fun scoot/iSpy activities to make this more fun. I'll go into to how I run my math stations soon. 

In reading this week we'll be talking about author's purpose. This is such a hard concept for 2nd graders to grasp. I'm still introducing and working on daily 5 so I'm not doing my full round of guided reading groups yet. This week I'll introduce and work on word work. I have 3 rounds of D5/guided reading. I'm only doing 2 right now and monitoring the other. I'll be working with my lower students on author's purpose during those blocks. 

I don't include this in my lesson plans but we a spelling and sight word review each day as well.

My sweeties are getting really good at recognizing different types of sentences. We are moving on this week to subject and predicate. I plan to to do a lot of whole group/interactive activities. 

I'm late the Johnny Appleseed party. I know his birthday was last Friday but didn't realize it until after I had made my plans for the week. October has snuck up on me ya'll! I'm throwing it in this week during our writing block. Better late than never right?!?

I'm way super excited about science this week! We are going to be talking about the scientific method this week and I found this great FREEBIE with easy peasy marshmallow experiments. I can't wait to do these activities with my kids. I know they are going to love it. 

You can click on any of the pictures above to take you to the PDF document. Click on the product thumbnail to take you to the product I'm using. 

I hope everyone has a great week. 

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