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Bright Ideas: Magnetic Anchor Chart Hooks

BRIGHT IDEAS is back!!! I love this link up because it's about good 'ol fashion tips and tricks. This months tip is all about anchor charts. I love them!!! I'm not necessarily good at making them. Mine are always pretty basic but they get the point across. Last year, I kept my anchor chart on an easel towards the front of my room. This year, my class size has doubled and my room is cramped. I have no space. 

When I had to get rid of my easel this year due to lack of space I was so sad because I had no idea where I was going to put my anchor chart pad. I came home and was complaining to my husband. I didn't think he was listening to a word I was saying because I was getting that head nod that husbands do when they act like their listening. LOL The next day, he comes home with these magnetic hooks that he got from Lowes and said, I got these so you could hang your anchor chart paper on you whiteboard. Seriously!! He is the best ya'll! #besthubbyever

Check them out! 
*Told you my charts are super simple :)*

He got these hooks from Lowes. They were super cheap. I have two of them. Each magnet is holds up to 9 pounds. That's alotta paper y'all! 

They hold my ENTIRE anchor chart pad up on my white board and not just a single sheet. 

I could not have asked for a better solution. If you don't have a Lowes near you, you can get them online here or check your local hardware store. 

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  1. OOOHH I have these & they are like magic :) {except they are hard to move..but I guess that's the point...}

  2. SO SMART!!! And I'm off to Lowe's :)

  3. I have a couple of those holding up my pocket charts on my magnetic white boards. Love them! And on another note, I think it's okay your charts are simple. When I see all the extravagant anchor charts on blogs and Pinterest I think either people are extremely artistic or spend hours making them up ahead of time. I think charts are best created WITH the students, so simple is the name of the game for me too. But, I will say this, if I move an anchor chart to our hallway to accompany a bulletin board display of work, I do usually "pretty up" the chart for presentation purposes. :) I always tell the kids it an example of publishing for an audience vs. writing for ourselves.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I really like that the magnets can hold the entire pad of paper, rather just a sheet. This year, when I created my anchor charts for Daily 5, I printed and glued on clipart. I usually create the "cute" beforehand and the kids and I add the "meat" of the chart to it together during the worries, YOUR kids will love YOUR charts because they love YOU! Thanks, again! =)

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