Weekend Warriors: The Glue Sponge - Saddle up for Second Grade

Weekend Warriors: The Glue Sponge

I’m back for part 2 of Weekend Warriors back to school tips and tricks.

I’m actually doing a throwback post. Do you do a lot of crafts in your classroom? I do. Do you use a lot of interactive notebooks? I do. Are you constantly fighting a glue battle with your kids? I am. I hate glue bottles because no matter how much you practice “dot, dot, not a lot”, your papers still end up messy and they always get stuck together. I have a love hate relationship with glue sticks. The kids either mash them down to hard and they break, or they loose the lid and they dry out.  I have a solution to fix those problems. Are you ready??? The GLUE SPONGE! You can read my original post about them here.

I posted a picture last week on my IG and facebook pages of my glue sponges and my comments blew up with questions about what it was and how it was used. Ya’ll, this is the best thing since slice bread for a teacher. They are absolutely perfect for crafts, journals, and all those small pieces of paper. They are super simple to set up. Here is what you need:

Glue Sponges by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

Tupperware containers. (I got mine from the dollar store. Make sure that the lids close tightly.

Soft sponges

Elmers glue (I have never used a different brand but I’m sure it would work too.)

I always purchase enough for each group/table to have one. Last year a I made 4, this year I made 8. Lay your sponges in your Tupperware containers and pour and entire bottle of glue over the sponge. 

Glue Sponges by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

That’s all you do!! Close the lid, and let them sit for at least a day before using them. I made mine on a Friday and they were ready to go for Monday. The glue soaks up into the sponge.

When your ready to use them for crafts, all your students do is dab their paper onto the sponge. It puts the perfect amount of glue onto the paper. No mess at all!

Glue Sponges by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

Glue Sponges by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

About once a week, I’ll squirt water onto the sponges. Last year, the glue lasted me until about March. Then I just poured another bottle onto the sponge and I was good to go. Not to mention that the kids LOVE them. They think they are so cool.

If you haven’t tried glue sponges in your class, I highly recommend them.

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  1. I will have to try out glue sponges the first time we do a project! Clogged glue bottles are my pet peeve and it's so frustrating for the students when they have to wait for me to get it fixed. I can see this working like a charm thanks to your photos and tips! I will add the containers and sponges to my weekend grocery list!

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