July Currently - Saddle up for Second Grade

July Currently

Holy smokes ya'll! It is JULY!!! Time just seems to be flying by way to fast these days. Its that time again. I'm linking up with Farley for this months Currently! 

Listening: I'm getting my Jesus on this afternoon! I've got The Message turned up and I'm jammin! And I might be singing really loud at times too! I have the best voice ever #saidnooneever

Loving: If you have not jumped on the Jamberry craze now is the time to do it! Today, they released Jamberry Stylebox!!! Do you love monthly subscriptions? They have them for clothes, make up and even your fur babies! Now, you can get EXCLUSIVE jams  and other Jamberry goodies sent to your door each month. I'm SO, SO, SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS YA'LL! I can't wait for mine to come!  Click here to take your signature style quiz and get started! 

Thinking: I need some new clothes for VEGAS!!! My husband doesn't understand that you need new clothes for every trip you go on. We just got back from Nashville last week and I had to buy new outfits for that trip. He just doesn't get it. It's a must right??? Did I mention that it's on 8 days away! OMG ya'll, its getting real!!!!

Wanting: The closet Sonic is 20 minutes away. May I can get the Mr. Bernethy to bring me one on his way home from work!

Needing: Meet Dakota! She is my 3 year old fur baby! She is a border collie/ Australian shepherd mix. This ranch dog is spoiled rotten! She spends more time inside on the couch than chasing cows, but just look at that face!  I just love her BUT she is loosing her winer coat and I have little black patches of hair ALL OVER my house! I have to vacuum almost every day because she is shedding so much. I love her but all this hair is driving me crazy!!!

4th of July: My two best friends and I live 8 hours a part, on the complete opposite sides of Texas. Since college, I only get to see them once or twice a year. Every summer take an annual trip to float the river down in New Braufels, TX. This year, we planned it for the 4th so I'm hoping it won't be to crowed but I'm looking forward to it. I haven't seen my besties since January. That is too long ya'll!

What are you doing for the 4th?


  1. I liked reading your July Currently. I am new to blogging and am very interested to read everyone's posts about Vegas when they return. It seems like an awesome conference!

  2. Oh girl, Farely's link up pretty much nailed it... I am also a second grade teacher in a small Texas town with most essentials far far away (though we do have a Sonic...) AND I am also going to float in NB for the 4th! too funny!

    I also totally feel ya on the new outfits for vacation thing... it's not necessarily like I am buying them just for that trip. I will totally wear the stuff again, but shopping with a purpose helps me! (:


  3. Hope that you have a blast in Vegas! And of course, every girl needs new outfits for Vegas! It is a non-negotiable! Or you could go on a shopping spree as soon as you get there! Hahah!


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