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Weekend Warriors: Pinspirational June (Part 2)

I'm back for  part two of the Weekend Warriors Pinspirational June! You can check out yesterdays post about some great things I've made for my classroom by clicking here

Today I'm going to be sharing a few creations I've made for my home. I don't know about ya'll but my DIY board is FULL of great ideas! If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this photo. I used some left over materials from our wedding last year to make this cute wreath for our front door. I got everything from Hobby Lobby. The "B" was black. Here is how you can crackle paint.

1. Paint your base coat the color you want to "show through". Mine was white. Let dry.
2. Put a layer of crackle paint (you can get this with acrylic paint at any store.) Make sure you do not go over it more than once. If you put more than one coat of crackle paint, it will not work. The thicker the coat, the thicker your cracks will be.
3. Once your crackle paint dries, paint over it with your top coat. Only do one coat. Do not do two or it will not crackle right.

The ribbon and sunflower I had left over from my wedding. I bought the wreath using the 40% off coupon. I got it for under $2!!! Here is the final product and I LOVE it!!!

I needed a ring holder for my kitchen. I can not stand to wash my hands or do dishes with my rings on. I saw this cute on on Pinterest and loved it!

(Pinterest version)

My version. I got the frame at Hobby Lobby. Frames were half off that week so I got if for about $2. I took the glass out and my husband attached the hook screw (we just and lying around the house). I think he just "screwed" it into the cardboard backing. Anyway, I like how it turned out. 

I really like to save things that are sentimental. When I first joined pinterest almost three years ago I kept seeing these memory shadow boxes. I always wanted to make one but never got around to it. Well guess what...I got around to it. I bought this frame shadow box at Hobby Lobby (can you tell I like that store?) also with the 40% off coupon so it was about $5. I added a cute paper for a background and added some lovey dovey stickers to jazz it up. Each time we do something fun we add it to the box. Inside, I put ticket stubs from sporting events or concerts, notes, movie tickets and other sentimental items that my husband and I have done together. It is a great way to remember all the fun things we've done. 

Last, I made a magnetic make up board. I'm honestly not sure what I think about this yet. Our vanity in our master bathroom is small so there isn't much room for my makeup. When I saw the idea on Pinterest, I thought it would be great. I bought a cookie sheet from Dollar Tree and covered it with this fabric square that I got at Wal-Mart. I used adhesive spray to attach the fabric. I tired hot glue and super glue but it wouldn't stick to the metal. I had a burlap flower glued at the top but it fell off and I just never glued it back on. I bought those little round magnets that you can get at the craft section at Wal-Mart and hot glued them to the back of my make up cases. Then I stuck my make up to my cute board. Now, this does work really well if you have limited counter space. What I don't like about it is when your make up runs out and you get a new one, you have to pry the magnet off the back of the old case or buy more. Then get out your hot glue gun and start over again. They also make it harder to fit inside my travel case when we go out of town. All in all, I like it, it's just a pain to keep up with. 

There's my home pinspirations! Click on the links below to see what awesome creations my sweet friends have made. 


  1. Oh my goodness. Love the wreath! I'm always making them for my front door. Definitely going to try this one!

    Second Grade Perks
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  2. I'm so impressed that you actually make things you've pinned! My board is actually called "Someday I'll get around to..." Ha! Super cute projects, Marcy!

    Lucky to Be in First


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