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EOY Gifts and Summer Learning with Educents

The end of the year is here my friends! I have only 3 more days with my sweet second graders and I must say it's a bittersweet feeling. I am worn out but I sure am going to miss this group. It is times like this that I'm happy to live in such a small town so I know that I'll see them throughout the summer and into next year. 

I've been prepping their EOY gifts. This year I decided to do kites. I found these cute ones at the dollar store. I know that probably won't last long but I like to think that they will! The boys got Madagascar and the girls got rainbow stars. This isn't all I do for them but I wanted to share. You can get the kite tag here. I've included grades 1-4.

Over the last few weeks, we have been winding down. I have been so grateful for my Surfin into Summer Literacy Centers.  Last week I put my students into groups and they rotated through different ones each day. 

Here they are reviewing pronouns. They had to replace the noun(s) in the sentence with the correct pronoun strip. 

Sorting sentences based on punctuation. We review this skill everyday and some still struggle with it. 

Working hard on homophones. 

Playing dominoes antonym style! 

Want to get these centers and some other great 1-2 summer products?
 I have also teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! It includes printables, centers, games, and much more for your finishing first and second graders!  It makes learning fun with bubble gum, oceans, QR codes, flip flap books, and more!  It's a mixture of reading, math, and science to keep the kids working hard through the summer and to get them ready for second and third grade!

I have two products featured in the bundle and I'm sure you'll kids will love them! First up, is my Surfin into Summer centers! You saw a sneak peak of them above. These summer, beach themed literacy centers are perfect for end of the year review. These were made for a 2nd grade classroom but could be adapted for 1st or 3rd grades as well. It includes 8 centers that can be used for small group, whole group instruction (print some of the pages 2/4 to a page and use in a journal), as centers. Here is what you can find inside this unit:

Surfs Up: a noun and verb review game

Luau Fun: a synonym match activity

Fishing for Antonyms: an antonym review domino game

Flip Flopping Homophones: a homophone match activity

Searching for Seashells: a roll and cover adjective and adverb game

Starfish Sentences: a pronoun review activity

Ocean Commotion: a verb tense activity 

Octopus Shuffle: a punctuation practice activity

I also have my Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Without Regrouping Unit featured in this bundle. This is the second best selling product in my TPT store! This unit contains 2 anchor charts, 5 addition activities and 4 subtraction activities all without regrouping. It also contains 7 activity/worksheets. It is printer friendly! All activities are in black and white and can be copied onto colored paper. 

Addition Activities:
iSpy Addition (NEW)
Spin & Add
Tick, Tack Addition
Find Someone Who: A partner scavenger hunt. 
Place Value Addition: Includes printable base ten blocks

Subtraction Activities:
Subtraction Scoot (NEW)
Subtraction Flip Book
Subtraction Bingo
Subtraction Puzzles

Activity Sheets:
Even &Odd Sort
Add 'Em Up-2 sheets
Subtract and Color
I Can Subtract
Read and Solve: 2 sheets (word problems)


For a limited time it is $14.99 from Educents which is about 75% off!  
14 instant downloads with over 540 pages of materials perfect for your finishing first and second graders!

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

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