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More Seuss-tasticness!

So much for blogging every day this week. The weather has been pretty crazy here in Texas lately. 70 degree weather one day then 20 degrees the next. My allergies were not so good to me this week. It made a lot of our Suess plans go out the window. I did manage to squeeze in some fun. 

On Wednesday we read Oh' The Places You'll Go! I just love the meaning behind this book. Have you seen the idea on pinterest where when you have kids and they start school, have each teacher your child has write something in the book?!? I will totally do that! Anyways after reading the book I had my students brainstorm ideas about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Of course I had all kinds of ideas from being a teacher to a lumberjack! 

On Thursday, we read Bartolomew and the Oobleck! This was their favorite story of the week. Then when I busted out the supplies to actually make Oobleck my kids went NUTS!!! Every year I do this activity, and every year I forget how messy it is! All you need is some cornstarch, water, food coloring (not necessary but more fun), a measuring cup, mixing bowl and a spoon (I forgot this the day we did it and had to use a popsicle stick which made things difficult.) I had a blogging friend try this the other day but she used liquid starch and she said it was more bouncy and easier to play with. I'll have to try that next time. 

First we made predictions on what we thought would happen. (Sorry no picture of that.) Next we gathered around our small group table. I heard so many "oooo's" and "aaahhh's" while I was mixing it together. In the story, the Oobleck is green. I chose to make ours red because it was the only color of food coloring I had at the time. Just FYI, if you choose red, your hands will be stained for a day or two.  I then let them touch it and play with it. We had red goo everywhere, but the loved it so I didn't care. I didn't get many pictures because my hands were covered with it too. Here is a pick I posted on my instagram. (You can follow me at @saddleupfor2ndgrade). After, we filled out our recipe cards. They couldn't wait to go home and make it themselves. I had one student say that he was going to play a prank on his sister with it. LOL. 

You can get both of these activities in my Happy Birthday Silly Cat FREEBIE!

My spring break started today! I've spent the day doing absolutely nothing and I'm loving it so far. If you are on break I hope you get lots of fun and relaxation in. Bye friends! 

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