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That's a Fact Jack and a SALE too!

Hey Jack! Do you do math fluency (minute tests) with your kids? Addition and subtraction fluency is SO important in the primary grades. I give my students a test EVERY morning before we start our math lesson. I a few fluency tests on hand, thanks to my mom who was a math teacher for 20+ years! But I wanted something more diverse for my kids. Most of the tests I have are labeled at the top (+1, +10, -1, -5 etc….) Once they mastered the facts on a certain level they earned a sticker to put in their journal. I liked this at first but then found it discouraging for some kids who are lower than others. I decided to create a unit to solve this problem. I give you, That's a Fact Jack! Addition and Subtraction Fluency Tests.  

These fluency tests are designed to be timed for 1 minute or longer depending on your group of students. They start out at plus/minus 0 and go up to facts of 20 but these are not labeled. There is also a set of doubles, doubles plus 1, and several mixed sets. I can give two kids sitting next to each other who are totally different levels a minute test and they think that its just 2 different tests. They aren't thinking about what level they are on.

2 levels of tests are provided. Level 1 includes 10 problems. Level 2 contains 20 problems. There are 17 sets in each level. Here is what they look like.

A student graph is also included for addition and subtraction so students can track their own data. 

Student achievement certificates are also included (green chevron, brown chevron, green polka dots, brown polka dots.) You can give these out based on their level.

Here is a closer look at the entire unit. 

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