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Texas Snow Day and Ice Link Up

You heard that correctly! It snowed here in Texas!!! We didn't get a whole lot but enough for my school to delay until 10:00. A lot of schools around here canceled due to ice. This is as very rare occasion for our part of the world. I'm celebrating my late start by linking up with Literacy Spark for a $1 linky party TODAY only! 

Here are the rules:
  • Choose TWO of your TpT items to put on sale for $1 for today only
  • Create a blog post showing the two items
  • Add the button above  as well as these rules to your post so others know how to participate
  • Choose "get the InLinkz code" down below above the place where you link up.  Copy and paste this code into the HTML section of your blog post.  The link up will now appear on your blog as well.
  • Link up and advertise!
Here are the items that I am putting on sale for one dollar just for today:
The 100th day of school is right around the corner! Hooray! We made it to the 100th Day features 8 math activities, a mini booklet, book markers, ideas and so much more. My description still says 2013 but I PROMISE YOU this will get a HUGE update this weekend! Grab it while you can for only $1!!!!

Up next is my Pattern Block Cards for Repeating and Additive Patterns. Last year I found it difficult to find resources teaching this concept. I have the cards laminated and placed on a ring for one of our math centers. The love them! 

I'm going to throw in some extra love for my Texas teachers who are enjoying their snow day! My Texas Our Texas is my BEST seller! This Texas shaped booklet features various Texas symbols, a craftivity, and a few worksheets! Grab it today for just $1!!!!! 

You can check out more great $1 deals through the linky below! 

I better go get ready for school! Are you snowed in today? Happy Friday everyone! 

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  1. Thanks for linking up! We don't have enough here to have the day off either, but we do!! It's hilarious watching the news this morning.

    Literacy Spark


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