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Word Cloud Adjectives

I absolutely love Christmas but this time of the year sure is stressful. Changing your schedule to practice for Christmas programs, assemblies, making parent presents, Christmas decorations, plus trying to fit in your core curriculum each day has this girl exhausted! To top it off, I will be out of town on Friday, and we all know how prepping for a sub can be....
We've been working super hard on adjectives lately and my kids finally have it down. I knew that I wanted to do some sort of Christmasy adjective craft, I just couldn't decide what. I bought Amy's Deck the Halls pack during the big sale. I showed my kids all of the crafts, and they voted on the ones they wanted to make. They picked her Christmas tree craft for our adjective project. My original plan was to brainstorm adjectives, then write a short paragraph describing their tree.
My kids are burnt out on writing for the moment. It is definitely not their favorite thing to do. Then I had a thought! Word clouds!!! I used word clouds all the time last year and they always loved them. I know that Wordle is a popular word cloud site but I can never get it to work. The java settings are always messed up. I noticed a few months ago that ABCya added a word cloud game to their site and I was super excited about it. It is very kid friendly and easy to use. It took my kids about 15 minutes to type them and get them printed.
Here's simple steps on how to make a word cloud.
I tell my kids to click on the blue 2. I didn't check to see if this is under different grade levels.
In the orange letters box, click on Word Clouds for Kids. Its the last one.

Type your adjectives, or any subject in the box. I had them press enter after every word to make it easier for them. Then click the orange arrow.

They can edit the font, change the word positions, and change the color background. To save ink, I had them print the black on white option. Then click print and your done! It prints on half of the print sheet.
Here is how our adjective Christmas trees turned out! I love them! Its something different and the of course the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever!!!
Easy, peasy, lemon, squezy!
Now I have to figure out what's for dinner...UGH!!!


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