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Elf on the Shelf Week 2 and Christmas Graphs

I'm a little late on week 2 of the Elf in the Classroom linky. Better late than never right?!?
Monday: The kids could not figure out how Flaky got up there!
Tuesday: They thought Flaky's footprints were on my very dirty cart!
Wednesday: Just hanging upside down!
Thursday: Man, oh man was this a rough day! Flaky agreed and he decided to visit another classroom.
I was out on Friday so he did not reappear until today.
Click here to link up with Seusstatic and Apples & ABCs to get other elf in the classroom ideas.
Last week we talked all about graphs in math! I made this my throwback post a few weeks ago. You can read how I did this last year here. I teamed up with my co-teacher to make these Holiday themed graphs for our hallway. I simply took some poster board, made 2 bar graphs and 2 venn diagrams and laminated them so I can use them year after year. I took each kids picture and printed 4 copies of them. Each day we did one graph.
Since I was out on Friday, we answered questions about our Holiday graphs today.

If you'd like to use these questions to make a display, click here to get them in a google doc. The Christmas graph questions are also included!
I've got Christmas presents to wrap! Talk to ya'll later!

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