Christmas Questionnaire - Saddle up for Second Grade

Christmas Questionnaire

I'm linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for a get to know you Christmas linky!
Hot Chocolate or Eggnog? 
Hot chocolate for sure! Just thinking about eggnog makes me want to gag!
One of my kids asked me today if I liked eggnog. When I said no, she responded with "you have got to be kidding me. You have got to try my Nana's!"

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them underneath the tree? 
When I was growing up they were just put under the tree. I loved waking up early, running into the living room and seeing everything. When I got older, my mom (and still to this day) write from Santa on her name tags. Then when we really got older, my brothers and I had to figure out which present were ours. One year she put a circle, x and triangle on the name tag. My oldest brother was the circle (1 line = first kid), my other brother got the X (2 lines = 2nd kid), I was the triangle (3 lines = 3rd kid)! My mother was a math teacher! Can you tell?!? I hated that game! LOL
We don't have kids yet so for now, all of our presents get wrapped!
Colored lights or white? 
White! I know it may be boring but I love the classic look! I'm not a huge fan of multi colored lights. I do like solid red or blue. I wanted to put red lights on the house this year. Unfortunately we've had such busy schedules and will be traveling so much over the holidays we didn't have time to put them up this year. Here is my tree!
I think I posted this a few weeks ago on a Five for Friday post but....I scored my 7 1/2 foot pre lit tree for $17 at Garden Ridge last January!!!! If your in need a new tree, wait until mid January. I was so excited about this purchase. I was out wedding shopping with my mom and I had been calling my now husband all day. He answered the phone saying "I don't care, just pick!". He was shocked when I was calling a Christmas tree instead of something wedding related!
When do you decorate? 
Growing up, my mom always decorated like 2 weeks before Christmas. She was a teacher, and now I can see why. There is no time!!! Don't hate ya'll but I put my tree up two weeks before Thanksgiving this year. We have been out of town every weekend since then, and will continue to be out of town every weekend until after the new year. (I hate living so far away from our families). It was seriously the only time I had to do it. Plus, I LOVE it!!!!!

Real or Fake Tree? 
My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. I've always had a fake tree and so has he. There is a Christmas tree farm here in our town and we considered it this year but then ultimately decided not too.

What Tops Your Tree?
It is a star made out of horseshoes! Our tree has a "western/country" theme. I bought it at Bealls two years ago. Growing up we had a tiny cowboy hat. I'm a Texas girl, what can I say!
Favorite Christmas Memories or Traditions?
When I was younger, my dad would always hide a  small, red and green wreath somewhere inside our tree. On Christmas day, the first person to find the wreath got to open the present. Now, my favorite tradition is going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. Its my favorite day of the whole year!
Do you remember your favorite gift as a child? 
I remember getting a Barbie doll house and thinking it was HUGE!! I still have it at my moms house.  My favorite childhood "toy" was Brad Bear (clever name, I know!) He is literally the biggest stuffed bear I have ever seen! I wish I had a picture of him. My mom has a picture of me seeing him for the first time and the look on my face is priceless!   

Do prefer giving or receiving? 
I'm just going to "borrow" Michelle's answer.
Giving! I would buy gifts for everyone I know if I could afford to. I get so much happiness giving to others.

What is your favorite Christmas song? 
Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland and Silent Night

Candy Canes. Yuck or Yum? 
I'm not a big peppermint fan. I'll eat the other flavored ones but other than that, yuck!

Favorite Christmas Movie? 
The Santa Claus, Its a Wonderful Life and Elf
Do you shop online or at stores?
This year I have bought the majority of my presents online just because its so much easier since I've been so busy and don't live near a "big" town to shop in.

Photo Cards, Letter or Store Bought Card? 
This was my first year to send cards. I just bought a pack from Wal-Mart and stuck a wedding picture inside. Next year I want to do photocards though. They are so much cuter!
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