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November Currently and My Truth Monday

I know I'm a few days last with this months Currently. I really do have a good explanation though. Last week of course was Halloween but it was extra crazy for me. On had a half day on Tuesday and our school harvest festival was that night. Wednesday the kids had two church carnivals. I live in such a small town that most kids go to one or the other. Thursday of course was Halloween and I'm sure we all know how that went. Friday was another half day. I was so WORE out from candy overload that I spent the weekend work free. My husband and I traveled to my parents ranch for opening weekend of deer season (Texas holiday!) and for a mini family reunion. I didn't take any papers to grade or my laptop to work on new products. I just needed a break. I think we all need that sometimes. But now I'm back linking up with Farley for this months Currently.  
Listening: The Mr. is out of town for work. I came home from work, put on my sweats and I'm enjoying some quiet time. Its nice!
Loving: I kinda, sorta, maybe, possibly, have an online shopping addiction. Especially when it comes to clothes! Giddy Up Glamour is one of my favorite online boutiques. Check out these cute pants I bought last week!
I bought the lace ones in black and brown! I just love them!
Thinking: I know its not even Thanksgiving yet but I just LOVE Christmas! I wonder how mad the hubby would be if he came home from his business trip this week and the house was complete decorated for Christmas! Now that I'm married we have 8 nieces/nephews to buy for plus one on the way! I have lots of planning to do since I tend to spoil them!
Wanting: Since last week kicked my butt pretty hard my house is a disaster. So...I'm needing someone to come clean, do the dishes, cook meals and do the laundry. Any takers? Didn't think so...ok, ok I'll go do it.
Needing: I have a border collie/austrialian sheppard mix who is spoiled rotten. She is in desperate need of a bath but she HATES them. She is going to get one tonight she just doesn't know that yet.
Yummy Pin: I made the meatball sub casserole a few nights ago and it was SO good! My husband loved it. It was pretty simple to make too.
Click here to see the link.
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I'm also linking back up with Sunny Days in Second for her My Truth about Monday linky.
I guess I'll go clean my house now...maybe!


  1. It is so crazy how a journey off the path leads us back to what we are truly meant for. Teaching takes heart and I believe those who do it were brought to the classroom for a big reason. Glad you passion took you where you belong!!

    P to the S that meatball sub casserole look aaaaamazzzzzing!!

    Teaching with Hope 

    1. Thanks for your sweet words Hope! And the meatball sub is aaaammmaazzziiingg (and just slightly on the unhealthy side :) )


  2. Thanks for linking up! It was great to find your blog! Last week was CRAZY for me too - SO happy the week is OVER!! I am going to have to make that meatball sub casserole later this week! YUM!!

    Abbey :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you survived the week too! I hope you enjoy the casserole! I wish I could take credit for it!



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