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Five For Friday: 2 Digit Addtion, Communities, Story Elements and So Much More! (Tons of pictures)

This week we have been busy, busy, busy! I'm linking up with with Doodle Bugs for share my Five for Friday! Get ready for LOTS of pictures!

This we dove head first in to double digit addition without regrouping. This makes addition a little tricky when another digit is thrown in there. We used my Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Unit throughout the week. They got the hang of it pretty quick! Here are some activities we did.
Find Someone Who is a partner game that is a class favorite! They had to find a partner and ask them to solve a problem on each others papers. When I say switch, the have to find a new partner. I have an odd number of students in my class so I play too. When they came to me, they got to solve a problem projected onto the whiteboard. (I make the circle the ones place first. I hit the paper and moved it a little. They really can circle the ones place correctly!)
Monday was Veteran's Day. We used this fantastic freebie from Mel D at Seusstastic.
We have been working hard all year on mastering story elements. I think we finally have it down. Earlier in the week I took my story element beach ball out of my cabinet and it had a hole in it. I was so mad because I hadn't had it very long. So I decided to improvise! Don't you just love those spur of the moment teacher ideas with something totally unplanned?!? Here's what I did....I took an empty tissue box and added a story element on each side using an index card! Took less than 5 minutes to make, didn't cost me anything, and the kids thought it was so cool!
The past few weeks we have been studying Communities in Social Studies. I really like to teach S.S. but it always seems to get pushed to the side. Plus our curriculum is probably 20 years old. I try to make it as fun as possible for the kids. Thank goodness for TPT right! We've been using Sarah Cooley's My Community Scrapbook and I the kids just love it! We're not quiet finished with them yet but I'll share them next week when we wrap them up. Anyways, Sarah has this great freebie to go along with her scrapbook. Its a Flat Chip/Flat Chelsea Community Project inspired by Flat Stanley! This is one of my favorite projects to do with the kids all year. The colored their Chip or Chelsea. Then they had to go around town, find somewhere in our community, take a picture with Chip/Chelsea and write why that place is important to our community! Their projects turned out great! With that being said....get ready for lots of pictures!!!
I LOVE the last sentence of this next one!
The parking is very close to the store and the check out is very fast! HAHA!
Ok, I'll stop! Didn't they turn out GREAT!!!
I gave them the option to make a poster or to use the writing paper I provided. You can get that and the rubric I used to grade their projects with here. They aren't very "cutesy" since I made them in all of 5 minutes but they did the job and that's all that matters!
I'm sure I'll get some "its not even Thanksgiving yet" comments for this (LOL) but I'm obsessed with Christmas! I put my tree up this week and just love it! Last January, I bought an 8 1/2 foot, pre-lit tree at Garden Ridge for 85% off! That's right folks! I got this beauty for $16!!! We are super busy starting this weekend for the next several weeks over the holidays. I honestly don't know when I would have gotten the chance. So yes my tree is up before Thanksgiving! I am very THANKFUL for my tree! :)
I told you there'd be lots of pictures! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Marcy - your blog is adorable! I found you through Doodlebug's linky. I LOVE the idea of putting your tree up now! If you think about it, you're actually right on time - Thanksgiving is late this year so technically you get the full 4 weeks by putting it up now. Waiting until after Thanksgiving means only 3 weeks of cheer this year! Your story cube idea is great! It's amazing what we can come up with at a moment's thought, isn't it? ~ Lisa

  2. Your tree is beautiful...and $16? What a steal! I am wishing I had a Garden Ridge near me!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Love the improv - I could do the tissue box, too!
    And the Flat Chip and Chelsea looks fun too!


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