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The Good Behavior Pumpkin!

I'm not sure if its something in the water this year but my class is SO talkative! If you've followed my blog for a while you know that I only have 12 kids (yes, 12 kids...small town!) I know your probably on earth can you complain about 12 kids talking when I have 22?!? Trust me, I feel your pain. Anyways... I have tried all kinds of tricks the past month or so to get my kids to quiet down and wanted to share this fun tip with all of you.  I bought this cute little pumpkin at Dollar Tree last week. Its actually a water bottle and I just took the straw out!

Meet Bowie (boo-ee)! Our Halloween classroom management tool that has been a big help this week. When I first introduced our new friend he did not have a name. My kids sit in 4 groups but I had a few out that day so I split them up into 3 groups. Each group had to come up with a "Halloween" themed name for our new friend. Once we had our 3 names, I gave each kid  a post it and they voted for their favorite name. Here were our choices.

(Does anyone else write crooked when they are writing on their white board? I don't write a lot on my board for that reason. My words/sentences always come out crooked! lol)

They had to work as a group. If everyone didn't agree on the name then they couldn't pick it. Bowie was my favorite choice! I'll confess, that I'm really not sure how to spell "BOO-ee". I actually knew someone named that once and that is how he spelled it so that's what I went with.

Once we had our name I explained why Bowie was here with us. I told them that he was a happy pumpkin looking for kids with good behavior. If he sees you following directions/listening/working hard/helping others etc...then he'll come sit on your desk. Of course they immediately wanted to know if they could touch him and of course my answer was no. Their next question was "can we earn a dojo point if he comes to our desk". My answer was possibly, if your working hard. (I use class dojo as a classroom management tool and I L-O-V-E it! I'm getting ready to do my review on it soon.) I then explained that if Bowie leaves your desk it doesn't always mean that your not following directions, he just wants to show someone else that they are doing a good job too. They immediately ate this up! I had 2 students out the day I introduced him, the next day when they were back that was the first they started talking about was "Bowie" the good behavior pumpkin!

Here is Bowie spotting good behavior today!

I have several plans for Bowie over the next few weeks before Halloween. I plan on doing some sort of writing activity within the next week or so about him so be on the look out for that! I love that something so simple can help accomplish so much. And it only cost me $1!!!


  1. Bowie is stinkin' cute but because I see the word "bow" in the name (although that is how David Bowie spells it), I think the pumpkin needs a bow around it's neck. It could totally be sporting a bow tie. :)

    Love when things work for our students!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  2. Haha Jennifer that is a great idea! That may be a good kid project!

  3. I know what you mean about talkers. OMG...mine drive me nuts. I love the idea!! I may steal it!
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