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Mixing Up Complete and Incomplete Sentences Halloween Style

A few days ago I had a friend ask me why I mostly blog about math. I guess I had never really thought about it but here was my response...Math is my favorite subject to teach but that's not really why. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I planned the math, science and social studies for my grade level. Since that is what I plan for that is what I talked about the most. BUT now I'm planning everything for my class. I have a low group this year and I'm having to go back and teach some skills. Anyways, I won't get off subject, I decided to write about something other than math and let me tell ya'll, I am SO EXCITED about this post! I actually wanted to write it last night but was having some computer issues.
This week we've been working on complete and incomplete sentences. Earlier this week I made my fancy, schmacy anchor chart! (This is about as fancy as I get ya'll!)
After reviewing our rules, I gave each kids a post it note with either a complete or incomplete sentence. We then sorted them onto our chart.
This year I've had to think out side of the box a little extra harder. All week I was trying to come up with creative ways to teach this concept because they we're really struggling. That's when I made Halloween Mix It Up: A Complete and Incomplete Sentence Game. Here is the gist of the game...
Call a group of students up to the front of the room. The number of students will vary with the number of words in the sentence. Give each student a word card. At first, have only a few students stand at the front of the room and make an incomplete sentence. Discuss what makes that sentence incomplete. Then have the rest of the group join in. They must make the sentence complete by standing in order. I like to have them do this activity without talking. Then make a new group with new students and repeat the process.
Here are my kiddos in action. I will say it was hard to get a clear picture because they we're so excited about this. The concept just clicked! Ding, Ding! Light bulb!
Here is my first group. This sentence had 4 words in it. I used 2 people to make it incomplete at first.  We talked about why this was an incomplete sentence. They responded with "it doesn't make sense" and "there is no capital letter."
Then I brought in the rest of the group. We read the sentence and they decided that it still was incomplete.
Here comes the fun part....the kids in the "audience" had to put the kids holding the word cards in order. The kids holding the cards could not talk. They did such a good job!!! I heard things like "Bob go the end because you have a period." Bob is not the kids real name! Here is the correct sentence.
Halloween is in October.
 Here we are in action again.
Incomplete sentence.

Complete sentence.
October is my favorite month.
By the end they were posing crazy with their sentence! They loved it so much! I wish you could see their faces!
I have several videos on my phone of them doing this activity. I really wish I could post one because they were so into it. Seriously ya'll...best lesson I've done all year! They we're so proud of themselves!
You can get this activity here! I comes with 10 Halloween themed sentences and a recording sheet.
I have a 3 day weekend ya'll! I'm headed to San Antonio bright and early tomorrow for the Women of Joy conference! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. What a great idea! I love how student-led it was and that the students were up and moving. Is this in your store? The link isn't working. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hmmm I'm not sure why the link didn't work. Yes, it can be found in my store. Here is the link. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Halloween-Mix-it-Up-A-Complete-and-Incomplete-Sentence-Game-908757
    If this doesn't work please let me know.

  3. Cool idea! And one that the kids probably will enjoy!


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