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The Glue Sponge!!!

Have you ever heard of the glue sponge??? Well if you haven't let me tell you that it is a teachers BEST friend! Seriously ya'll, this is the best thing ever!!!! I wish I could take credit for this genius idea but I cannot. I saw it floating around on pinterest last year, pinned it and forgot about it. (I hate that!!!!) Then I saw this post from Kindergarten Smorgasbord and knew I had to try it! Here is how it works.
I wasn't the greatest at taking pictures but its simple. You can see a video tutorial here if you need it but its seriously super easy!
I bought these containers at Dollar Tree. 2 for a $1!! Hello...awesome deal alert!  I bought the sponges at the local dollar store as well. I made $4 glue sponges for $4!
First, lay your sponge in your container.
Then, I poured an entire bottle of glue over each sponge. I used the regular sized bottles of elmers glue.
I put the lids on (sorry no pic :( ) and let them sit for about a week before they were used. The glue absorbs into the sponge and makes it sticky!
I pulled them out today and.....
it is AWESOME!!!! The took the pieces of their and mashed them against the sponge. It covers the back perfectly with the right amount. No globs, no smashed glue sticks, no mess!!! Their fingers get a little sticky but its not bad.
Every few days you need to squirt a few squirts of water to keep it moist. They are supposed to last a long time. I promise, you will L-O-V-E them!


  1. How nifty, I have never heard of a glue sponge before. But it sounds pretty neat.


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