Teacher Week 2013~Classroom Digs (Part 1) - Saddle up for Second Grade

Teacher Week 2013~Classroom Digs (Part 1)

I'm linking back up with Blog Hoppin to share with you what I've done in my classroom so far!
Now, just be warned! My room is NOT anywhere near being finished! I just got into my room last week and I've been running around with my head cut off for the last week trying to get it all set up. I do have most of it decorated but still have a lot to do.
Here is what my room looked like when I went in this morning. After working for a week, I still had stuff everywhere. It looks some what better now.
This is my "west" wall! I know its not a close up, but I'm not finished! The "Say This Not That" board came from Hilary Lewis .  I can't wait to use this, this year! I bought the cute french fry containers at the Target dollar spot earlier this summer! My "red" board is for writing. It displays how to write a sentence correctly. My "blue board" is my class timeline! I'll display pictures of what we've done for each month. Up above, is my ELA display. I have posters for all the parts of speech you learn in 2nd grade.
 Here is my area. As you can see its a mess!
Here is my alphabet and number display. I didn't realize how blurry this picture was when I took it. You can find the alphabet line here, the cursive alphabet line here, and the number posters here. (You can find chevron and polka dot sets in my store as well.)
 I'm doing my word wall differently this year. I really didn't have a whole lot of wall space to work with which is why its up and down. I wasn't a fan of it at first but its growing on me. You can get my zebra and glitter word wall headers here. (You can find a chevron set in my store as well.) 
Since I don't have a lot of wall space, my "reading wall" is on my white board. I made this story element chart last year. The story map chart will be used each week to display different story elements for whatever story we are reading. The other chart will be used to display math vocabulary. Below the story chart is my Daily 5 clip chart. I'll attach clothes pins to the ribbon.
Here is what my "east" wall look like! Its bright red! My principal said I could paint it but really, who has time for that?!? It mostly displays my math posters. I'll put more up and we discuss each concept. You can see my computer center as well. I love my classroom rug!!!
Here is a close up of my math tubs. You can read about those here. I'll also have some of my word work stations for Daily 5 set up here.
This will be my reading corner. I still have to sort out all my books. I have a few more posters to add also. That's my project tomorrow.
This is my never ending wall of shelves. I have a love/hate relationship with these. I love having the storage, HATE that it takes up an entire wall. I'm going to eventually add curtains to cover them up but that will have to wait until next pay check. I still need to organize them a little better.
I've never had my calendar displayed on my white board before. Because I have limited wall space this year I'm going to try it out. Its attached with magnets and so are the calendar numbers. You can get my zebra and glitter calendar set here. Those 3 buckets you see attached to the board hold magnets, dry erase markers and dry erase erasers. My classroom jobs are also posted there.
Here is what my room looked like when I left today! I just got my guided reading table today so tomorrow I have to lower it and find out where I'm going to put it. My classroom is coming a long but I still have a lot to do. One week until meet the teacher...I can do it!
Check back in a few days for a more detailed look at my classroom.


  1. Room is looking good!!!


  2. Your room looks great! I am currently trying to finish up a million and one projects too so I know how it is. P.S. I love your wall of shelves! I can understand how you have a love/hate relationship with it but your colored baskets look cute. I am lacking storage big time so I would take it. :-)

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