Teacher Week '13~Organizing for Instruction - Saddle up for Second Grade

Teacher Week '13~Organizing for Instruction

I'm linking back up with Blog Hoppin for day 3 of Teacher Week! Today is all about organizing for instruction! As you saw from yesterdays post, I'm not finished with my room yet so I'm going to share with you a few things I do have set up.
 My first year of teaching I was NOT organized at all. I had papers everywhere. It was a HUGE mess! I'm slowly but surely getting better. I've learned to label EVERYTHING! It not helps me but it also helps the kids.
I bout this 10 drawer cart at Sam's this summer for $25! I love it. I will store my work for each day. Then I have a drawer for copies next week, file, copy, grade and extra. If you'd like my zebra and glitter labels you can get them here for FREE!
I also have my teacher toolbox that I LOVE!!! (That's a pic of my niece and nephew in the corner! whoops!) I bought the container at Lowes last summer. I covered the drawers with zebra duct tape then made the labels. You can find free labels if you search on TPT.
This has become another favorite of mine! My crayon drawers! I hated my crayon box. A kid would get up to go find a "green" crayon and it would take him/her forever to dig through the box. I used the old storage drawers I had and also covered them with zebra duct tape. Each drawer has two colors in it. When a child needs one, they simply go to that drawer and pick their crayon. Its amazing! If you'd like my labels you can also get them here for free!
I just got all of my math mainpulatives labeled this year! I am loving it so far. I bought these awesome storage boxes at Family Dollar for a $1! They are really sturdy. These labels come from my friend Frogs and Cupcakes! You can get them here! I like how the containers are clear so the kids can see what's inside them. Everything is easy to find!
I also have all of my shared supplies labeled. I normally have these sitting out for the kids to get to easily. I just don't have the room for that this year. They are displayed on a shelf and are easily accessible if something is needed. You can get my zebra and glitter labels here.
I store all of my vocabulary cards in these file folders. I have one for math and my word wall. I have them sorted by subject/letter so that I can easily find the card(s) that I need. These are also something you can find at the dollar store.
If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw me post this picture awhile back. 2 years ago, I desperately needed a way to organize all of my posters. It was a hassle to dig around in my files trying to find the ones I needed so I created the chart binder to store everything in. It has been a life saver. I placed all of my posters in the corresponding sleeves. Now ALL of my posters are located in one binder. Its so easy to find what I need.
I created a similar version to my binder and you can find it on TPT. I do not have this exact version anymore. I made it a few years ago and for some reason I cannot find the file. You can find my chevron edition of this binder here. Its EDITABLE! You can customize it to fit your poster needs! Click here to get my Poster Chart Binder.
 Now head on over to Blog Hoppin to see other great organizing tips!


  1. So glad I "found" your blog!!! You are a wealth of info! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the teacher tool box. Your room looks very organized. I like how you label everything. Thaks for sharing.


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