North Texas Blogger Meet Up - Saddle up for Second Grade

North Texas Blogger Meet Up

I'm a few days late, Sunday I was able to attend the North Texas Blogger Meet Up hosted by Cassie from Adventures in Teaching and Colleen from Mrs. Pattons Patch! A big thanks to these ladies for all of their hard work putting together this get together.
Technically I don't live in North Texas anymore. I just moved to East, TX so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to attend. When I asked my husband if I could make the 2 hour drive just to eat lunch with a group of people I had never met before, he agreed!!! To say thank you, I treated him to the Rangers game the night before and we made a weekend of it! He even dropped me off at the restaurant, "shopped" and took a nap in the truck to wait on me while I was at lunch. He didn't complain once. He scored major brownie points!!
I got to meet some amazing ladies! Many of these are people I have stalked followed their blogs/instagram/TPT for the past few years and I go to meet some new friends as well!
Here I am with the lovely hostesses!
Do you recognize this lady? I got to meet one of my biggest teaching inspirations.
Ok, I'm sure you already knew that it was Amy Lemons from Step Into Second Grade! She was sweet and I really enjoyed getting to meet her and seeing the cutest pictures of her daughter!
Up next is a another inspiration of mine! Any guesses?
You guessed it! Amanda Richardson from Mrs. Richardson's Class! She was too sweet! I just love her!  
Here is the group shot! I'm sure you recognize some of these faces!
You can check out the blogs of these amazing ladies below.
Stop by their blogs and show them some love!

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  1. Marcy,
    It looks like you all really had fun!! I wanted to go, but last week just took all the starch out of me. I had a huge assignment due Sunday evening that I didn't even manage to get started on until Sunday morning. Oh well, maybe next time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

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