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How to Make a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket!

Before I start, this is not my original idea. I found these floating around on Pinterest last year. Here is the original post.
Last summer, I completely redid my classroom management system. I was reading blogs and stalking pinterest trying to come up with a solution. I found these scratch off lottery tickets and just knew I had to try them!
Now, I must warn you, this project is easy but it is SO, SO time consuming. It took me 2 days to get them all done.
Here is what you need to get started.
1: Your lottery tickets. You can click here to get mine for FREE! This file is in PowerPoint, so it is editable. The font I used is KG Lego House. If you do not have this font installed on your computer, when you open the file, it will not appear the way that I have it. These are just a few that I came up with. Feel free to edit them to fit your classroom.
2. Contact Paper. You can get it at Wal-Mart. I bought this huge role last year.
3. Dish Soap: I used Dawn but I'm sure whatever you have at home will work fine too.
4. Acrylic Paint: Last year I only used silver paint because that's the color of real scratch offs. This year, I mixed it up and used several different colors.
5. Scissors

First you need to cut your lottery tickets out.

Next, cut your contact paper in to small rectangles to cover the part you'd like scratched off. This part take some time.

Then, add some dish soap into some paper bowls.

Add your paint! (They "white on top of the colors is just a glitter paint I add to give it some sparkle!)

Mix together!
I printed off enough tickets for the entire year. Last year, I ran out and didn't make anymore because they take so long to make. I spread them out on my kitchen table. (This was only set 1!)

You then, paint over the contact paper. This will take SEVERAL coats! Especially is you use silver. Let it dry between each coat, then add another. I chose six colors; silver, green, purple, blue, red and pink. Green, purple and blue only took 2, maybe 3 coats to cover up the wording. Silver takes quiet a few, probably 6-7 coats. Using pink and red was a nightmare. It would not cover up the wording. I bet I put on at least 10-15 coats. It then began to get clumpy and I got really frustrated. I wouldn't suggest using those colors unless you have a lot of patience! lol

Here is the final product!
The paint will scratch right off the contact paper with a coin and your reward is reviled! Last year, my kids enjoyed peeling off contact paper rather than scratching it but whatever! They LOVE it!!! This was one of the best management tools I used last year!
Have you ever used scratch offs in your classroom? 


  1. That is too cool! I'm going to use classroom money (Superhero Cash) maybe they can buy their scratch-offs, lol

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

    1. That's a great idea! I've never used classroom money but have wanted to try it. These would be a good reward incentive for that.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I saw these on Pinterest but never tried them. I think this might be a good summer project for sure. Smart thinking on getting a ton of them done now.

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. If you decide to try these, I definitely recommend getting them all done at once. Its time consuming and just makes it easier throughout the year.

  3. Great instructions and freebie. I may try this. Your post inspired me to search for other ways to do this. It can also be done with lamination instead of contact paper. (Maybe they could be reused if all the paint was scraped off. ???)
    By the way, there's a typo (should be "revealed") in the first sentence under your last picture. Looks like one of those auto-correct "fixes." annoying.

  4. Ahhh! Sorry for the misspelled word! I'm actually a terrible speller. I always have to go back and look over my words and if spell check didn't catch it then I probably won't either. I know I'm terrible!

    I'm sure laminated sheets would work just the same. I always sign them back and let the kids take them home. They think its "the coolest thing ever"!

  5. WOW!! This is such a great idea, and really doesn’t look too hard. I think I will definitely have to give it a go!

    Scratch Off Tickets

  6. It is definitely not hard! Its just time consuming. You can't do it all in a day!

  7. Good, thanks for sharing it certainly not hard and fun time pass as well

    scratch off poster

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