Sunday Smorgasbord - Saddle up for Second Grade

Sunday Smorgasbord

I'm linking up with Michelle over at Fabulous in First to share some random moments from my week. If you read my previous post then you know that I just got the internet in my new house. We had to have a phone line installed in our house and lets just say it was quite the ordeal. Anyways, we now I have land line phone. We feel so old!!! No offense to anyone who still uses a land line phone, we just haven't in so long! Do you still use a land line? Here is our new phone! LOL
Raise your hand if your obsessed with instagram?!? I love it! I think I post and look at my teacher account more than I do on my personal account! If you follow all of the fabulous teachers on instagram I'm sure you've seen some wonderful teacher finds. Especially at Target! I have been searching and searching for the dry erase pockets that everyone has found. I have had no such luck! I even drove 20 miles out of the way just to go look! Even though I haven't found the pockets yet, I did manage to snag a few cute deals!
I was so excited when I found those cups! They came in a pack of 4 have a cute dry erase "hello my name is tag" on them! I'm going to get some velcro put them on students desks for them to keep their pencils and other goodies in. What do ya'll think? Good idea?
I managed to grab those peace sign lunch bags...60 bags for a $1!!! WHAT?!? I figured they'd be cute for the kids to decorate, use for writing activities, oh the possibilities are endless!
After I left Target, I met up with my husband to have a lunch date. I don't know about ya'll but I LOVE that! We lived 3 1/2 hours apart before we got married. Being able to meet for lunch is great! While we were eating he says to me, "I almost bought you something for your classroom earlier". Now, I love my husband but he has been alittle overwhelmed with all of my teacher obsessions lately such as school supplies, etc...he's still getting use to it all. I was a little worried when he said this. When I asked what, he said he went to Big Lots and saw zebra storage containers but didn't want to buy them because he thought I wouldn't like them. What do I do after lunch, head straight to Big Lots! I didn't buy the zebra storage containers. They we're alittle pricey BUT I did buy these super cute lunch bags on clearance for $3 each!
Then, that day when my husband came home he was so EXCITED to give me these! Maybe he is learning!
Now I am in the process of moving so I have boxes everywhere and its driving me insane! I took a break from taking things out of boxes to start my first DIY project. My parents found us this great old antique dining table at a garage sale for next to nothing. Here is step one. I recovered the seats of the chairs from this ugly puke green color to the cute floral material I got at hobby lobby!
Up next, refinishing the actual table.
Yesterday, we made a quick trip to my parents house (4 hour drive) to pick up the trailer that has all of my school stuff in it. I'll finally be able to get into my new classroom this week so it was definitely a needed trip to make. This is what I do during long road!
I've been working on some new alphabet lines in cursive and primary print! You can visit my TPT store to check them out. I'll be blogging about them tomorrow as well as a few other products I've created over the past few weeks!
Now that you've read my random novel, I think I'll stop for now! I got a little carried away because I haven't blogged in so long. I need to get back into routine!
Hope ya'll had a great Sunday!


  1. Love the chairs! I also have an old table that my mom found at a yard sale. It needs a little work, but I love it.
    The 85 Mile Commute

  2. I found a bunch of dry erase pockets at Walmart. They had a teacher aisle in the back to school section. $2 a piece.

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!


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