Guess Who's On Facebook

Saddle Up For 2nd Grade has joined the facebook world!
 I know, I know, its about time! After that fabulous 2nd grade blog hop that took place last week, I had a few friends really on my case about creating a page. Sooo...I stayed up WAY past my bed time last night creating it and have spent all morning working on getting it set up! I'm still getting everything set up so give me time to get it all together.

In honor of my facebook debut I'm offing an exclusive FAN ONLY FREEBIE!

I love flip books! I use them all the time in my classroom! These are just a few basic ones that can be used for almost any subject and any topic. Visit my facebook page and click on the tab!

I'm hoping I set this up right! This is my test run! If you cannot open the doc, please let me know so that I can fix it!

Thanks for being such awesome followers!


  1. Thank you for the awesome freebie!!!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! I just set up my fb page and struggled with changing the tabs... good grief that was tough! And I only changed one so far.


  3. Thank you! Can't wait to use the flip books this year :) When I first set up my freebie tab I was confused...but it all worked out thankfully!



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