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Zebra and Glitter Decor!

Happy summer everyone!!! I have been busy, busy getting ready for the wedding. We’re down to 16 days! On Tuesday we went house hunting and we found one!!!! I am thrilled about it. We can’t move in until we get back from our honeymoon in July but that’s ok. I’ve been at Jared’s for the past week and he doesn’t have the internet. He just uses his phone for everything. I have been going CRAZY!!! I came up to his office just so I could right this post AND post some new TPT things. I have been having withdrawls ya’ll! We will definitely be getting the internet when we move into our new home.

I got so see my new classroom on Tuesday. It’s definitely smaller than what I’m use to but I already have some great ideas to spruce it up! My “theme” last year was zebra and bright colors. I’ve decided to go with that same theme last year and just add a little sass to it…GLITTER!!! I’ve had these made for the past few days and it’s been driving me crazy that I couldn’t upload them right away! Here are some goodies I’ve been working on.

Zebra and glitter supply labels! I love these! I posted a picture of these on instagram and I had a few people ask how they printed glittery. Well…the clip art is from glitter meets glue! I just love her stuff! They print just as they appear on the screen! Click here or on the picture below to check them out.


Next up is my zebra and glitter word wall headers! I love how bright they turned out! Click here to find them. I’m also working on a word wall vocabulary set with this same theme. They’ll be ready soon.



I also created a zebra and glitter calendar set.

 This calendar set includes:

      Month cards

      Number cards (1-31)

       32 Holiday cards (to be placed at the bottom of the number cards so the number doesn’t get covered up.)

      Days of the Week cards

      Name plates

      Weather Chart

      Days in School Chart

 Click here check it out.

 EEKKKK!!! I am loving how it’s all turned out. I can’t wait to get it all put up in my new room!

Well the boy is hollering at me so I guess I better go since it’s his office and all! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! If you’d like to keep up with me over the next few weeks while continue to live in the stoneage without the Internet you can follow me on instagram at @saddleupfor2ndgrade!

Marcy :)



  1. I'm trying to find your email address, but I can't find it. You asked me a question earlier today. Email me at ryanandamandajoATgmailDOTcom. :)

  2. Haha I'm looking for your email addy too! Wanted to give you the 4-1-1 on my giveaway :) angelanerby10@gmail.com

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  3. AHHH! I didn't realize my e-mail wasn't posted! Sorry ladies! Check your inboxes please!



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