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Puffer Ball Math Review

This week is off to a CR-A-ZY start so I'm keeping this short and sweet tonight. We've started our TPRI benchmark testing and this makes things a little chaotic. Most of the day was spent testing kids one on one while trying to keep all of the others occupied. By 2:30 I had to call it quits and give my sweeties some fun attention. I'm thinking...what am I going to do to keep them entertained for the next 30 minutes. I look over and see my basket of puffer balls.
My first year of teaching I bought these puffer balls from the dollar spot at Target! These have been a huge favorite for the past 3 years. I had a whole basket full and I'm down to these 4. I really need to get some more. You can find them on Amazon here.
I do this activity a lot as filler. We mainly play using our spelling words to play "sparkle." I had them get into a circle. I passed out two puffer balls and said GO! They have to pass the balls like hot potato until I say stop. Once I say stop, the two people holding the puffer balls have to answer a question. Today I did a math review. I called out random math facts, even and odd problems, problems featuring place value, greater than/less than, money and really anything I could think of off the top of my head. If they answer the question right then they get to stay in the game. If they get it wrong then they are out. We keep playing until we have winner then we start all over.
(I couldn't get a very good action shot!)
 We also play using sight words. I'll hold up a card and whoever catches the ball has to read the sight word to stay in the game. The kids love to play and its a great filler when you have a few minutes to spare.
What do you like to do as a filler?
Have a good week everyone!
Marcy :)

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  1. Okay I officially am hooked to your blog & how you work with your kids! I'll stop stalking now :)


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