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The BEST Pencil Sharpener EVER!!!

It has been one crazy week ya'll! It was state testing for 4th and 5th grade which means keeping my sweet 2nd grades Q-U-I-E-T! They have been pretty much confined to our classroom all week. No library. No talking. No fun! :( They did get to go to the restroom but HAD to be quiet while walking down the hall! Plus, in my currently post I mentioned that we needed rain in a BAD way! Several of you said you'd send some my way. I'd like to thank ya'll for that! It has rained for 2 days straight here! It has been much needed BUT that means no recess and well we all know what that means!
Because of the crazy week, I really don't have much to share since we've just been scrapping by until testing was over BUT I do have one of the coolest things ever to share...are you ready for this?!?!?! I have heard through so many blogger friends about "the quietest pencil sharpener" from Classroom Friendly Supplies. It just so happens that I was selected to do a blog review of this life changing sharpener! It arrived in the mail this week and I was SO excited when it came! It was like Christmas in April!
Now I know what you're thinking! Its old have to crank the handle...yeah, yeah, yeah!
I'm only on my 3rd year of teaching but I have already gone through THREE electric sharpeners. I finally ordered one of the expensive exacto sharpeners with part of my classroom money this year and it does a good job but its SO loud. I don't let the kids use it though because I wanted it to last. It was really becoming a pain having to sharpen their pencils all the time.
Do ya'll dread pencil sharpening as much as I do? You have the cheap pencils where the led always breaks (or the eraser...that's a totally different story).The ones from the dollar store that are pretty, the kids love them but in reality we hate them because the plastic peels off and they don't last. I could go on and on.
I then decided to check out the sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies and was so excited when I was chosen to do a blog review.Ya'll my pencil prayers have been answered! Let me show you what this amazing sharpener can do!
Here's a before picture. I tried to pick one of every kind of pencil: the pretty ones, the cheap ones, the nicer ones and a colored pencil.
Here is the after picture! I just want ya'll to know I literally said "WOAH! That is sooo COOL" and immediately took it into the next room to show my partner teacher.
Before: Cheap Dollar Tree Pencils
Look how long that led on the right is!!!
They are sharpened perfectly EVERY time! The led is not loose, it lasts and doesn't break off within 2 minutes of using it! You crank the handle 2 or 3 times and a perfect point comes out. No more sharpening for ever where the pencil is practically gone by the time its "sharp."
The best part about it too is that its SO quiet!!! Today I let my kids use it for the first time. (BIG DEAL because they don't get to touch my other one.) I couldn't even hear it when they were using it. It is FANTASTIC!
Another great thing about this sharpener is that its made by a TEACHER!
I love it so much that I'm going to order a set of 3 to put with my table groups. This way, they never have to get up to sharpen their pencil!
Click here to check them out! I promise you won't be disappointed!
Now if we could only find a pencil that has an eraser that won't snap off after one use!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Marcy :)


  1. Aren't these things fabulous?! I LOVE them!

    Mindful Rambles

  2. How do you get your pencil sharpener to stay in one place? I have one and the clap does not hold it still so the kids can use it.

    1. I just use the clamp. I haven't had any problems with it. It came a little loose for the first time today but I just tightened it back up. I used a pair of pliars to tighten it extra tight today. I keep a small tool kit in my desk. I would maybe e-mail them and let them know your having trouble. They are super friendly (perfect name right!?!) and I'm sure they can help.


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