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Saying a Prayer and Color Choices (Classroom Management)

First off, I just have to say that my heart goes out to everyone involved with the Boston Marathon bombing today. It makes me sick to think that we cannot go anywhere and be safe. Bless everyone and the families of the horrible tragedy. To all my blogger and TPT friends in the area I am definitely praying for ya'll.
2 years ago I went to the C.A.M.P.T (the state math conference) here in Texas. Have any of my other Texas friends been to the conference? I just love it! The idea I'm about to talk about came from this conference. I do not remember whose original idea this or what its called so if anyone knows, please let me know. I call this idea "color choices."
How many of you have the one kid who ALWAYS blurts out the answer to a question before anyone can respond or you have some that never answer. Go ahead everyone, raise your hands! Color choices is an idea that I saw at this conference that can help with that problem.
These color choice markers have 4 colors.
Red is choice A
Blue is choice B
Yellow is choice C
Green is choice D
Here's an example of how we use them. Today I introduced idioms and showed a PowerPoint where and idiom was given with 4 answer choices and they had to pick what they thought the idiom meant. I passed these out and instead of only a few kids shouting out answers, they simply hold the color mark by the color that represents the answer. I always tell put the red end at the top. If they thought the answer was C then they hold the color mark on the yellow square. This works great for comprehension and gives the kids who normally don't like to talk a chance to shine.
They can also be used for true/false questions. The possibilities are endless. So when my kids are getting a little rowdy and lets face it, the school year is coming to an end and we are all feeling that way....I pull these out to calm things down for a few minutes and it works great.
When I originally saw these at the conference I remember you could purchase a set of 4 for like $10. No thanks, I'll just make my own. No offense to the person who came up with this idea. If you would like a copy of my "color choice" markers click here  or the picture below to get them for FREE! Simply print onto cardstock and laminate! I've been using this set for 2 years and they are still going strong.
 Have a good week!
Marcy :)


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