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Let's Get Acquainted: Skittles Game {4-15-13 }

I know I'm a few days late on the Let's Get Acquainted Linky hosted by Flying into First Grade.
Better late than never right?!? This week's "get acquainted" theme is the SKITTLES game! (I love skittles!)

Red: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
In my favorites post I mentioned that I LOVE ice cream...not just any kind of ice cream. BLUE BELL ice cream and I was SHOCKED when I received comments saying they had never heard of it before! I didn't realize that it must be only a Texas thing. I love all kinds of ice cream....chocolate chip cookie dough, banana pudding, cookies and cream, good 'ol fashioned vanilla. I will admit though that homemade ice cream is probably my favorite! Come on summer!
Orange: Favorite College Memory
My favorite memory and sports go together. I went to Texas Tech University in Lubbock. I am a die hard RED RAIDER and very proud of my Alma Mater. Just some other info about me I am a HUGE college football fan! I can tell you the exact day...it was November 1st, 2008. Texas Tech v. The University of Texas. (Now for all you longhorn fans, don't hate on me for this!) Tech was having the best season in school history. We went into the game against the number 1 team in the nation. The Texas Longhorns. While we were ranked 7th. The leader board changed throughout the entire game including 2 interceptions within the last minute of the game. We won in the LAST second of the game with the most amazing catch thrown by Graham Harrell (GB Packers) to Michael Crabtree (SF 49ers) to bring the final score to 38-33! It was UNBELIEVABLE! It was a huge moment for our school and a huge upset to UT. I can still remember everything about the game, the atmosphere, it was incredible. I still get chills watching that play.
If you'd like to watch a video of our amazing play click here. 
Here I am at the game. Oh and I waited in line for 9 HOURS to get into the stadium!
Final Score
An areal view of the field after the game after everyone rushed the field.
Yellow: Favorite Sports Team
I think you can probably guess that my favorite team is my Texas Tech Red Raiders after my little rant of excitement I just talked about! I am also a huge baseball fan and will always stay true to my Texas Rangers!
Here I am at a game with my best!
Green: Favorite Fast Food
I also mentioned in my favorites post that I LOVE Sonic! Since I've shared that with you, you may also like to know that I love Subway! A disadvantage of teaching in a small town is that we don't have many fast food places. We have only one (chicken express). Its a treat when I get to eat fast food. I guess that's a good thing!
Purple: Wild Card
I have this weird obsession of tearing a piece of paper or folding it into fourths before I throw it away. I always tear it in a half, put those pieces together then do it again before I toss it. I have no idea why its just something I've always done.
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Marcy :)

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  1. I love this linky--I've met so many bloggers! I am your newest follower! I am hosting a linky. It all has to do with one dollar: anything that you buy, sell, find, love, or make for only a dollar. One reader just posted a diet coke—so anything goes!



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