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Sometimes Teachers Just Need a Laugh

Today was one of the longest days EVER! We had a practice evacuation drill. Our entire school had to WALK 6 blocks to the Church of Christ in town. Then they all had to sit their without talking for (this part didn't go so well.) Needless to say by the time we got back to school we still had an hour left. Movie time....yes please!!!
By the time I got home I was in need of a good laugh and stumbled across these youtube vidoes called "Kid Snippets." If you haven't seen these, you really should! I can't stop watching them. They are great! Here's a few of my favorites.
"Math Class"
Valentine's Day (This one had me ROLLIN'!!!)
Wedding Jitters
Tooth Fairy
I could share about 20 more of these but I have to pack for my trip to OKC tomorrow! T-minus 1 day until spring break! woohoo!
Happy Spring Break Everyone


  1. Haha, those are really cute. I love their little voices :) Thanks for sharing!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  2. I just saw one of these the other day - they are ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing even more laughs.

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. I love Kid Snippets!!! The Math Class one is my favorite. I found your lovely blog through Zoom Zoom's newish primary grade blogger list. I am on list 5 and am working my way backwards up the list. Happy Blogging
    First Grade Enigmas

  4. Oh My Gosh!!!!! I am laughing so hard that I am crying!!! That first video with the Math is soooo true and that is probably would I look like when I am trying to get my point across to a student. Of course, I not doing it in front of the class but wow, I needed a good laugh.
    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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