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Multiplication FREEBIE & Spring Literacy Centers

Today was a busy, busy day! We dove head first into learning about multiplication. I've been hearing all year "Ms. Fambro when are we going to learn times?" Well today they were so excited when I told them it was finally time!
Multiplication can always been our a tricky subject for our sweet little ones to learn. I use something called the G.E.T (groups x each = total) strategy to help introduce this concept, its something I learned during student teaching and it just seems to work.
Here's an example for 3 x 2 = 6 (I just made this real quick because I forgot to take a picture of what we did in our journal today. Sorry!)
From the very beginning, I have the write G.E.T. then the multiplication problem write underneath it. (Pretend the 6 (total) isn't there.) 
Then the draw their "groups" which is always the FIRST factor in the problem. I always have them draw circles because its the easiest. They drew 3 circles.
Next they draw the "each" which is the SECOND factor in the problem. I have them draw dots. They like that it looks like a cookies and it helps them relate. They drew 2 dots in each circle.
Last, they write their total number. 3 groups of 2 = 6. They write their total to fill in the problem
3 x 2 = 6
Here they are working out a few examples! Just FYI, if you didn't know that dry erase comes off desks, now you do! It's like having a built in white board for them all the time!
Here is a poster I display on my math board. Click on the picture below or here to get this freebie!
I'm currently working on a Multiplication unit. Hopefully I'll get it done soon. I did manage to finish my "Spring into Literacy Centers" last night!
 This unit contains 6 literacy centers and 4 activity sheets. It includes:

Blooming Contractions: Match the flower with it's contraction center. Includes recording sheet.

"Egg"celent Compound Words: Easter egg compound word puzzles. Includes recording sheet.

Flying Synonyms: Synonym puzzles and recording sheet.

I Spy Antonyms: Hid antonym cards around the room and search for the them! Includes recording sheet.

Hip Hop Nouns and Verbs Game: Includes directions, game pieces, game board and game cards.

Springy Syllable Sort: 1-4 syllable word cards to read and sort. Includes recording sheet.

Activity sheets include:
ABC Order
2 Adjective bubbles
Let's Make Words


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Have a good week everyone!

Marcy :)


  1. I love the G.E.T. explanation and the writing on desks. I think we'll have to do that this week. We're starting multiplication too!

  2. Heather, let me know it goes! It really helps my kiddos understand such a difficult subject.

  3. I must be way behind the times. I did NOT know dry erase marker came off the desk. Wow my kids are going to love me!!

  4. I didn't know either until I discovered it on pinterest a few weeks ago. The first time I did it my kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. I don't even bother with dry erase boards anymore.

  5. I had no idea you could use dry erase markers on desk surfaces! Do you just wipe it off like you would on a regular dry erase board? Are certain brands easier to wipe off then others? Thanks for the great ideas!

    Clearly Kindergarten

  6. Hi Sarah, yes it just wipes off! I've only done this a few times. I have a class set of "bic dry erase" markers and it came off perfectly. I've also used my expos and worked just the same. I gave my kids a Lysol wipe to clean up after just to be sure but its been so far so good for me.


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