Pen Pals Part 1

I have no idea how I'm finding the time to write this post. I have a HUGE stack of papers that I need to be grading that I've put off for the past cough cough 2 weeks! Does anyone else wish their was an app for grading papers? Seriously, I would big money for that! LOL (don't anyone steal my million dollar idea now!)
In spite of all the BUSY-NESS going on right now, I just had to share something with you that I'm so EXCITED about! A few weeks ago, I was on the TPT forums and saw a conversation about someone looking for pen pals for their 4th grade classroom. This got me thinking...what a GREAT idea since we are just beginning to learn how to write letters! I am so pleased to announce that I'm teaming up with Anna from Simply Skilled in Second  and our classes will become pen pals over the next few weeks! How EXCITING is this?!? Now since, her class is so "large" (23 kiddos) and my class is so "small" (12 kiddos), the other 2nd grade class at my school will be joining us! I can't wait to get started!
I created a mini-unit to go along with our project. You can check out "Pen Pals: Let's Make New Friends" on TPT here or on TN here
This unit contains:

 ~A letter to the parents
~Example letter
~Labeling a letter worksheet
~4 "Get to Know You" templates
*All About Me
*All About My Pen Pal
* Where I Live
* This is My School
~3 Letter Templates (for various levels)
~Post Card Template
~Let's Write A Story: A Classroom Project
I am so thrilled to have the opportunity and I can't wait to get started! I'll be sure to keep you posted on our new adventure.
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Hope everyone is having a great week!
Marcy :)

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