LED Finger Beams! What's That You Ask?!?

Several months back I read about these neat little things from I think the wonderfully, talented Deanna Jump. I have searched and searched for the blog post so please don't hold me to that. Anyways, you might be thinking "what on earth is a finger beam?" Well let me tell you, they are the coolest things EVER!!!
A finger beam is a finger mounted led light (red, blue, green and pink!) that is PERFECT for guided reading! As the kids read, they follow along with their light! How fun is this?!? We used them for the first time last week. I ordered enough to give each kid one to take home and still have plenty to keep in the classroom. Here they are using them for the first time!

I definitely used these as incentives! If they weren't following directions their light got taken up. Let's just say they straightened up very quickly!
 I read about these back before Thanksgiving and ordered some hoping to give them to my kids with their books at Christmas time. Well, I ordered them from China off eBay and they got here at the beginning of this month. The good news is that I got about 40 of them for about $8 with free shipping, the bad news is, if you order from China it is going to take them a little while to get to you. You can find them on Amazon here or on eBay here.
I can't wait to use these more! Has anyone else ever seen these or used them?
Don't forget about the 100th Day of School coming up! My 100th Day linky party is still going on. You have until Friday to link up. I've seen some great products and ideas so far! A big thanks to everyone who has participated so far!
You can check it out here!
 Hope everyone has a great week!

Marcy :)


  1. Those look awesome! I will have to check into those finger beams! Thanks for sharing about them.

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I love the finger lights. I will have to look into them. I am a new follower and also a second grade teacher. Thanks for the idea.
    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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