"It's the Little Things that Matter" Linky

I have found the cutest linky ever ya'll! I couldn't pass this one up!
Randi over at Teach It With Class is hosting a linky to share those precious gifts you receive from a child. You know the ones I'm talking about. "The Best Teacher EVER Picture", a painted rock, various toys found at their house. I love seeing the crazy things my precious ones bring me.
Click on the picture below to visit Randi's blog and link up!

First I'll share one that I don't have a picture of. Last year I had a little girl who brought me things ALL THE TIME. It was mostly stuff borrowed from her mother that had to be returned such. Well one day she brings me this gift wrapped in notebook paper! It was a Baptist hymnal she had gotten from a church event. I had to keep it on the shelf behind my desk all year.

Every time a kid draws me a picture I hand it up on a wall in my room. Its really a door to a closet but they love it. I had seen an idea on pinterest to keep a notebook of all the drawings and pictures you get so that kids can look through it throughout the year but that never happened. Here's my little corner of treasures!

Next comes from a child in the other 2nd grade class at my school this year. He couldn't wait to give me this one day! B-E-A-UTIFUL!
This pretty little gem sits on my desk. "They're real diamonds Ms. Fambro"

I got this one today!

Here come my favorite two!

At Halloween, I always wear a big witches hat and call myself "the wicked witch of 2nd grade!" I talk in a witches voices and all that fun stuff! Well this gave one of my sweet kiddos last year the impression that I liked hats! At the Christmas party I pull out this gem! Yes, I have a princess teacher crown! Yes, I had to wear it A LOT! It now sits on one of my computer speakers!

I saved the BEST for last! My very first year of teaching, my class was a HOOT!!! They constantly made me laugh. One day, after coming in from morning assembly, a little boy pulls me to the side, GETS DOWN ON OWN KNEE, pulls out this from his pocket....
tells me I'm the best teacher ever and asks me to MARRY him! It was seriously the cutest thing ya'll! I no longer teach at that school, but that is something I'LL never forget!

See, I told ya'll this was a cute idea! Now go link up!

Also don't forget about MY 100th day Linky Party! Check it out and link up your 100 day items here.

Also, if you have purchased my Hooray! We Made it to the 100th Day unit, please re-download it. I had a buyer message me to say that random lines were appearing on her pages. I have no idea but it has been fixed along with a misspelled word or two! Thanks for your support!

I'm playing hookie from work tomorrow to go do fun wedding things with my mother!

Marcy :)


  1. Love your treasures, especially your "proposal" token. This year I have a binder where I keep all of my "fan" mail. I call it my "Bucket Filler" book. My kiddos love looking at it!


  2. That story about the little boy is so sweet! I have a binder this year too, but this is the first year. All the other years, i just collected stuff in a tub at home. We may need a room of our houses reserved some day for all the gifts we accumulate!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  3. I definitely have the binder on my list of ideas for next year. Its to late to start it now. They love my wall of pictures!

    Rebecca, I think you're right about the extra room! I think I already need that for everything I've accumulated and I'm only on year 3.

  4. Awww, how sweet that story about the little boy was and I just love the crown!



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