Sight Words Slap Attack!

Hey Ya'll!  This is going to be short and sweet! Let me start by saying that today I experienced something that I hope never happens again!!! I had a MOUSE in my room!!! Yes that's right a mouse! My team teacher and I have been seeing signs the past few days. Well today it decided to make its grand appearance and pay us a visit! You have kids screaming, you have kids crying, and then there's the ones that are trying to catch it! I can't tell you how many "plots" I heard today about how to catch this mouse! That's not even the worst part! Over the past week, we've had parents donate food items for our Christmas Around the World...the mouse at some of our food! UGH! Let's just say the whole day was shot!

Now on to what I was originally going to talk about today! My kiddos have already mastered all of their 2nd grade sight words for the year! I've been trying to come up with different ways to implement using them throughout our day! One of my favorite games to play is SLAP ATTACK!!

Slap Attack is a 3 player game! You have 2 slappers and 1 referee! The referee turns over a card and the first slapper to *GENTLY* slap the card and say the word correctly gets to keep the card! If the slap is a tie, the referee decides who hit the card first. If the player who slaps the card first says the word wrong, then the other player gets a chance to answer! Once you have gone through the whole pile of cards, the slapper with the most cards wins! The winner gets to stay and the other slapper and the referee switch places! It really is fun and I love watching the kids get into it! They do a great job of *GENTLY* slapping the card!

Here's a few pics of them in action!
You can check out my 2nd grade version in my TPT store here.
I had a few people ask me if I'd make a set for 1st grade so here it is! Click here to check it out!
I keep the cards on a ring and use them for several other activities as well!
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I'm exhausted! I think this girl will turn in early tonight but wait...Duck Dynasty comes on! Ok, I'll stay up!
~Marcy :)

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