Pinterest Inspired Christmas Ornaments!

Just popping in to share our pinterest inspired Christmas ornaments we made today for the parents!

Pinterest Version
Cute parent gift. They also made a card that said, "I love you "SNOW" much!" Need to remember for future years. P.S.- This lady has TONS of ideas for the classroom! TONS!!
Our Version
They turned out good for the most part. They were hung on our tree and the kids can't wait to give them to their parents tomorrow.
A little FYI, paint peels right off of these ornaments. I coated it with clear finger nail polish. I'm hoping that does the trick. Any other suggestions?
What gifts do your kids make?
Only 1 1/2 more days!! Now only to survive the Christmas party tomorrow!!
Marcy :)


  1. Cute! I saw those and wanted to make them but couldn't find any clear ornaments this year. What kind of paint did you use? I would suggest paint markers and sharpie for black or maybe sharpie paint markers.

    1. I had a hard time finding clear ornaments too. My mom finally found some at hobby lobby for me. I just used regular tempra paint and put clear finger nail polish over it. It seemed to stick. I didn't think about paint markers! I'll have to try that! Thanks for the suggestion!


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