Christmas Around the World Part 1

Last week we began our Christmas Around the World unit! This is one of my FAVORITE things we do all year! I always look forward to it! I bought Sarah Cooley's wonderful Christmas Around the World Scrapbook. She also has a supplement FREEBIE that has been FABULOUS!!!

We spent last Monday making our Christmas Around the World foldable luggage! This contains our passport, airline tickets, world map, and each country information. I forgot to take pictures of this so I'll have to include those in my next post.
Our journey began as we hopped on chairs placed in rows Christmas Airlines and traveled to Italy! My kiddos were so EXCITED...some of the really thought they were getting on a real airplane. The following questions were asked:
Do we need sleeping bags?
Where will we sleep?
How are we going to get food?
Are we taking your truck to the airport because we can't all fit in there?
How are we going to talk to those people when we speak English?
Once we arrived in "Italy" we read The Legend of Old Befana by Tomie De Paola
(Click on the image to purchase it on Amazon)

They loved learning about La Befana, the "Christmas Witch" from Italy. We also talked briefly talked about "The Colosseum" and "The Leaning Tower of Pizza Pisa". I let them research these two landmarks during computer lab! They were fascinated that "The Leaning Tower of Pisa" won't fall over! We then completed our Italy page for our scrapbook.
We then hopped back on Christmas Airlines and traveled to France! Jinx Noel everyone! (Merry Christmas in French!) We learned all about "Pierre Noel"! We learned all about how children in France leave hay and carrots in a boot by their door the reindeer. Pierre takes the hay and carrots and replaces them with presents! We watched a youtube video of the light show at the Eiffel Tower at Christmas! They LOVED this! Last but not least, we made "Bouche De Noel" or "Yule Logs"! A French holiday desert not swiss rolls & m&m's!!


So glad we did this on Friday!! Here is a picture of our France scrapbook page!

This week we are traveling to Germany (yesterday), Sweden (today) and England. I can't wait to continue our journey!!

We also made our wish lists for Santa. Our local newspaper always prints our "Dear Santa" letters. We made our wish lists, wrote our letter and then typed them and E-MAILED them too the local paper! E-mailing was a tough thing but they did it and were so proud! Here's a few of our wish lists.
(She is really missing her two front teeth!)

(Las Vegas...hahaha)

We then made our "Naughty and Nice" lists! We discussed different ways you can end up on the naughty list and what you can do to make it on the nice list! They turned out really cute! They are hanging in the hallway!
I think they turned out really cute! I got the reindeer topper from my team teacher. The wish lists, and naughty and nice lists came from my Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday Literacy Centers & Activities Unit!

(I'm sorry my picture are bigger...I can't get that little box to click large to pop up? I click on the picture and it just highlights it. Any suggestions?? Its very frustrating!)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Marcy :)

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