THE Purple Sharpener is HERE!!!

Hey Ya'll! I'm am SO EXCITED to share with your that Classroom Friendly Supplies has a BRAND NEW sharpener and guess what?!? It's PURPLE!!! 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

If you have not heard of Classroom Friendly Supplies amazing quiet sharpeners you need to check these out (as soon as you are done reading this post of course)! I did a review over this fabulous sharpener awhile back. You can read about it here

So let's talk about this beautiful sharpener that is a must have for every teacher and what makes it so great! The company was started by a classroom teacher to make products for classroom teachers! I say all the time that it amazes me that with all the technology we have in the world, that we cannot create a pencil that won't break. This little gem sharpens pencils like a dream. 

It comes with a clamp so that you can easily attach it to a desk or table if needed. 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

You simply clamp the two black pieces together and the the silver piece of the sharpener slides out. This creates a hole for you to insert the pencil into. As you are sharpening the pencil, the silver piece will slide back in. 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

Here is a before and after shot! You should see the look on the kids faces when they sharpen their pencils. It's a big deal to get it this sharp ya'll! 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

It even sharpens those dollar store pencils that the kids love but all the teachers hate because they break so easily.  Take a look! 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

The best part is that they STAY sharpened! The lead won't break off as soon as the kids try to use it. 

It even works great with colored pencils! I kept one in my classroom just for this purpose. 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

One of my favorite things about this sharpener is that it is QUIET! You can't hear it at all. If a kid gets up during class to sharpen their pencil, it will not disturb the rest of the class. 

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

THE Purple Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

These amazing sharpeners come in all colors (black, red, blue, green, pink and now PURPLE!). They are super affordable and will last. I have two others besides the purple and they've worked perfectly for three years. 

You can click here to visit Classroom Friendly Supplies website and see them for yourself! I promise, you will not be disappointed! 

Have a great day! :)


Stand Up and Shout Out: BOO Gifts for the Classroom!

Hey Ya'll! Welcome back to the Stand Up and Shout Out Guest Blogger Series! This weeks teacher rockstar is one of the nicest people I've met on this journey of mine. Cassandra is the beautiful lady behind Mrs.3rd Grade. I'm fortunate to have met Cassandra 2 years ago while we were in Vegas for the TPT conference. I've loved getting to know her since then. Make sure to follow her blog and on IG. She has great ideas to share along with some fun Pinterest style!

Have you seen the BOO gifts floating around social media lately? Cassandra is sharing a great way to use this idea in the classroom and at your school. I love everything about this idea!

I am so excited for Marcy and that sweet baby girl she has at home now!!  Seriously, how adorable is her baby!!  

My name is Cassandra, and I am the teacher behind Mrs 3rd Grade.  You can find me on all social media platforms under Mrs3rdGrade.  I was blessed to meet Marcy in Vegas two years ago at the TPT conference!  I wasn't there for the TPT conference, but her and her roomies welcomed me with open arms to dinner one night!  Seriously the highlight of my week!!

Hanging out with some of my favorite bloggers in Vegas 2014

I wanted to share a great idea with you that I put together last week while I was on Fall Break!!  Have you seen the awesome BOO gifts going around to share with another classroom or another teacher at your school!?  I have loved this idea, and put together two pails to give my fellow teachers on Monday!  Yes, these are for their class, but there is also a little something in there for them as well!

Sharing sunshine with your fellow staff members will uplift their spirits, and get them ready for the next day

I headed to The Dollar Tree and I grabbed these pails, two packs of pencils, and some washi tape!  The kids will love the pencils, the pail is always a great tool in our classrooms, and what teacher doesn't love some washi tape!?  I can't wait to pick two teachers on Monday to gift these too, and hope that the BOO will continue through our staff!!

I hope that you feel inspired to go and make a little something for your staff now as well!  Even a simple card would be a great way to share with someone today!!  I would love for you to stop by and hopefully I can share some more great ideas with you!!
Mrs. 3rd Grade


Stand Up and Shout Out: October Read Alouds

Hey ya'll! Welcome back to the Stand Up and Shout Out guest blogger series. This weeks teacher rockstars are some of my favorite Texas ladies! Amy, Laura and Lisa are the fabulous minds behind All Ya'll Need. These ladies are the sweetest and I couldn't be more blessed to have them in my life. Today they are sharing some great read alouds that you can use during the month of October. 

We are happy to be joining up with Marcy today!
We are thrilled for Marcy and her husband with the addition of their darling daughter.
Marcy is a Texas girl, just like us.
And who exactly are we?
We are Lisa, Amy and Laura.
One cousin and two sisters in the family business of education.
You might know us better as
It is extremely important to us to read aloud to our sweeties each day.
Reading aloud models tone and inflection.
When we read out loud to our students, we love getting insights from the sweeties.
They always bring something valuable to the discussion.
Can you say vocabulary?
Is there better way to teach vocabulary to students than with context
and picture clues? 
Quite simply, no.
Students also get the opportunity to listen for understanding during read aloud time.
Connections are made as we read, learn and think together.
And, did I mention that reading out loud is fun?
Yep, it sure is.

We want to share books you can read in the month of October.
We hope you find books you can enjoy with your sweeties.
Laura and Amy live in Central Texas.
You may have heard of the huge bat colony located in Austin.
Our sweeties love learning about these fascinating flyers.
Naturally, bats are a big topic of study this month.
Each of these books are great to read aloud anytime during the month of October.
In Texas, our temperatures can still be very hot in October.
You will still find us using our AC daily!
Amy is lucky enough to have a festive pumpkin patch near her school.
Walking field trips provide a low-cost learning opportunity.
Students are able to walk to the pumpkin patch to purchase a class pumpkin.
It is always so much fun to see the creative jack o'lanterns around school.
We cannot resist a little trick or treat teaching either.
These books provide you with a wonderful way to interact with your sweeties.
Trick or treat, give me something good to read!
We did save the best for last!
Above are our absolute top-notch read alouds for the month of October.

We hope you have a wonderful October!

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