Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Snowman Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are such a magical time. While December can be full of craziness, it is also one of my favorite times to be in the classroom. I love it all from the glitter to the classroom elf. It is all so much fun. One of my favorite things to do each year is to have the kids make an ornament that they can take home to give to their parents to put on their tree. Each year we make these snowman ornaments and I just love them. 

Here is what you need. All of these items can be found at any craft supply store such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 

clear ornaments 
white paper filler
pipe cleaner
pom pom balls
black and orange permanent marker
hot glue gun
clear nail polish

To start out, use a pencil to stuff the white filler into the ornament. These ornaments are glass so they need to be careful when making them. I've had a few break while they were being stuffed. It's a good thing to keep a few extra on hand. 

Once they've finished stuffing their ornament, they get to choose their pipe cleaner and pom pom balls to make the earmuffs. I always have a variety of colors for them to choose from. Use a hot glue gun to assemble the earmuffs together and attach to the ornament. When their ornament is dry, let them draw their face using a permeant marker. Coat the faces with clear nail polish to keep from coming off. Then they are ready to hang on the tree to enjoy! 

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