Weekend Warriors: Go Noodle

It's day 2 of November Necessities and I'm bringing you another classroom must have. 

Our schedule is tough this year. We have new standards this year so their little brains are working hard non-stop all day. I am so unbelievably thankful for GoNoodle

We love brain breaks. GoNoodle takes them to a whole new, engaging level. The website is FREE. It offers a variety of breaks ranging from 1-5 minutes. We use this during transitions and when their little brains just need a break for all the rigor. 

The GoNoole section offers "cool" down breaks such as yoga and stretching. 

Kid zumba is a favorite.  It gets them up and moving with fun dancing. 

Who doesn't love Koo Koo Kangaroo! These guys are hilarious. They also offer fun dancing with a little bit of learning thrown into the mix. 

Run With Us is all about athletics. It has "olympic" type track and field events that allows students to "run hurdles" or participate in a "hammer throw" contest. There are training and motivational videos form olympic athletes. They are GREAT!

KidzBop is for when they just need to sing a long to their current favorite songs. 

The YouTube section is filled with education videos and silly songs for a quick review or for some motivation. 

You can also browse by category. When they are a little wound up and I need them to calm down, I can quickly use this feature to find the perfect brain break. Need something quick, browse through the 1-3 minute videos. 

We you first log in here is what you're home screen will look like. After each activity, your go go meter (this is what I call it) fills up. 

We just changed our avatar last week and I can't explain to you how excited they were to choose a new champ. I made it a big deal and we did a class vote. It was so fun to see them so excited. 

If you haven't signed up for GoNoole yet, I highly encourage you to do so. 

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Weekend Warriors: November Necessities

Hey Ya'll! I'm back with my Weekend Warrior gals for this November Necessities. Today and tomorrow I'll be sharing two of my classroom MUST haves with you. 

We all have those things that we just can't live without. If you're a teacher, you have a long list of must haves such as your planner, Dr.Pepper (I don't drink coffee), flair pens, maybe throw in some technology. Well mine is a good pencil sharpener. Have you heard of the quietest pencil sharper from Classroom Friendly Supplies? If you haven't, you NEED one in your life!!!!!

I ask myself daily that with all the technology we have in the world, why can't there be an indiscructable pencil? You sharpen one and two seconds later it breaks. The sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies does wonders! It gets those dollar store pencils so sharp. Everyday I hear something like "woah cool!" or "look at how sharp it is!" It is so quiet (hints the name). The kids can get up to sharpen their pencil and it doesn't disturb the class. They like this one better than my fancy electric sharper and it works way better. 

Here is a before....

and here is the after! 
Look how long that led on the right is!!! The best part is, it doesn't break off a minute later. Trust me when I say, that you NEED one or three of these in your classroom. :) Now if they could just come up with a pencil where the eraser doesn't break off after the first use we'll be in good shape. HA! 

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Setting Up a Writer's Notebook

Hello sweet readers. We are almost half way though the year. That is right...HALF WAY!!! This year just seems to be flying by. With that being said, our routines are in place (most of the time) and our daily 5 and writer's workshop is in full swing. Writing is something that I always want to improve on each year. This year is the first time I have implemented writing on a daily basis and I am so glad I squeezed it into my busy schedule. Some days we have 20 minutes to write and other days we only have 5-10 minutes to write. Either way it is ok. Their writing is improving each day and that makes me a happy teacher. We use our writer's notebooks daily so it was important for them to be organized. I'm going to show you how I set them up. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

Each student needs a three ring binder. Ours are 1 1/2 inches. Our notebooks are split up into 7 sections. I  ran the section coveres off on bright colored paper so they stand out and are easy to find. When you open up the binder, they keep a copy of their weekly spelling list in the pocket. Their first section is their spelling dictionary. Every Monday, after we introduce our new words, we add them to our dictionaries for them to reference throughout the year. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

We try to write one story per week during our writer's workshop time. I have 4 sections for the writing process. They put each step behind each section.  We do our pre-writes whole group. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

When it comes to our rough drafts, we write one together on the board first. After we have talked about the steps and what we need to include in our writing, I turn them loose and work with those who need help. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

Once their rough draft is complete, they place it behind the editing and revising section. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

Their final copies go here. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

With Daily 5, they write every day. I use these awesome writing calendars that I got here. Each month goes behind "what can I write about". I have several sets of writing task cards but I love these calendars. They are super low maintenance. No cards to clean up. No drawers to keep clean. They keep them in their notebook and are good to go all month long. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

I also let them choose prompts they haven't finished from previous months.

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

Every writing piece they do for Daily 5 goes behind work on writing. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

I don't use any kind of fancy paper for this. Last year, I ran off sheets for lists, stories, letters, etc and it was a lot to keep up with. I keep blank notebook paper at my writing station. They grab a sheet of paper each day and get to work. 

Setting Up a Writer's Notebook FREEBIE

I can quickly grab their notebooks to check their work. Then at the end of each year, all of their writing will be in one place. I love looking back to see how much their writing has grown. 

You can get these section dividers as a FREEBIE in my TPT store

Does your class use a writer's notebook? I'd love to hear from you. 

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