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Happy weekend everyone!  Your favorite second grade bloggers are back, this time with sweet savings for you.  We have gotten together to form a dollar sale linky party!  Each blogger will be adding 2-4 products to the link up below that will be on sale for ONE DOLLAR now through Sunday night.  Come Monday morning, all of the products will go back to their regular price, so make sure to grab them while you can!

Let's Tackle Nouns

Batter Up Fractions

 Click on the links below the thumbnails and they will take you directly to the TpT store where the products can be found to add to your cart.  We hope you can find everything you need for the upcoming months!  Happy shopping!


Writing Center for Daily 5

I've recently had several people ask me how I have my writing center is set up. I do Daily 5 during my literacy block and writing is one of the centers that my students do during that time. I do D5 a lot differently than most people. I simply do not have the time for them to rotate through all 5 stations each day. I only have about a 30 minute block for this. I let my students choose which center they want to do each day. Since I have such a small group, I only have 2 or 3 students at a time at each center. I have my class roster inside a plastic sleeve next to each center. If they choose the writing center say on Monday, then they mark their name off like this. (I did have cute signs, but I kept losing kids, then getting new students. I just print off my roster because its so much easier.) Then the next day they choose something else. This lets me know which students have and have not visited specific centers during the week. 

Here is what my center looks like. Inside the desk, I have clipboard for them to use, along with our writing binder. I use the Writing Center Start Up kit from A Cupcake for the Teacher. I have limited bulletin board space so I turned it into a binder and they keep it in the desk. This holds all of their writing paper as well. The index card box holds sight word cards for reference. 

The 3 plastic drawers hold various writing prompts. At the beginning of the year they were sorted out neatly. Now, they are kind of a big mess, but it still works. 

They pick a card, then get the correct writing page out of the binder. 

Since I'm normally working with small groups during this time, I don't have many pictures of my kids in action here. Here is an example of one of my students making a list. 

Once they finish their writing, they turn it to our writing basket. I look over them at the end of each week. Then they are placed in their writing notebooks. I know its not much, but this is how I'm doing it  in my classroom right now. 

But if you really want good resources than you are going to love this amazing deal over at Educents!  I have teamed up with 17 other amazing sellers to load your classrooms with 27 outstanding resources for writing!  

My product included will surely be loved by your students!  

I have two products featured in this bundle!!! First up is my Verbs: Action Packed UnitThis unit is jammed packed full of action verbs! You'll find activities to introduce and review action verbs as well as past, present and future tense verbs. Most of the activities include a colored and black and white version. Here is what you'll find in this unit:

~Verb poster (color and black and white)

~Verb booklet (black and white)

~Verb diagrams: superhero, baseball player, football player, skate boarder, cheerleader (black and white). An example is also included.

~A set of 15 verb picture cards (in color and black and white). There are 6 ideas/activities to go along with these cards. iSpy, scoot, charades, guess who, centers and small group instruction. 

~Find Someone Who: noun and verb game
~3 flip books: noun/verb, past/present verbs, past/present/future verbs
~Past, present, future pocket chart cards: Includes headers and 12 sets of verbs (color and black and white) and an answer sheet.
~Past/Present/Future verb scoot
~Activity Sheets: 2 color the verbs, fill in the verb, 2 find the verb, and a word search.
~Verb writing craftivity

We used this unit back before Christmas but I managed to find a few pictures to share with ya'll! We played verb charades one day. One of my students drew the word "kneel" and to act it out, he "proposed!" It was so cute!

We filled out action verb bubble maps! 

Here is what the noun/verb flip book looks like. 

Here is a better look at what you can find inside. 

My Pen Pals: Let's Make New Friends unit is also up for grabs with this bundle! This mini-unit is designed to be used as a pen pal packet for students to send back and forth to each other. It contains:

~A letter to the parents

~Example letter

~Labeling a letter worksheet

~4 "Get to Know You" templates
*All About Me
*All About My Pen Pal
* Where I Live
* This is My School
~3 Letter Templates (for various levels)
~Post Card Template
~Let's Write A Story: A Classroom Project

We have not used this in our classroom yet this year but we will in March. Here is a closer look at what you'll get with this unit. 

For a limited time it is $29.99 from Educents which is over 71% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!  (They even have $10 off for first time customers… so it can be even cheaper if you have never bought anything from Educents!)


Texas Snow Day and Ice Link Up

You heard that correctly! It snowed here in Texas!!! We didn't get a whole lot but enough for my school to delay until 10:00. A lot of schools around here canceled due to ice. This is as very rare occasion for our part of the world. I'm celebrating my late start by linking up with Literacy Spark for a $1 linky party TODAY only! 

Here are the rules:
  • Choose TWO of your TpT items to put on sale for $1 for today only
  • Create a blog post showing the two items
  • Add the button above  as well as these rules to your post so others know how to participate
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  • Link up and advertise!
Here are the items that I am putting on sale for one dollar just for today:
The 100th day of school is right around the corner! Hooray! We made it to the 100th Day features 8 math activities, a mini booklet, book markers, ideas and so much more. My description still says 2013 but I PROMISE YOU this will get a HUGE update this weekend! Grab it while you can for only $1!!!!

Up next is my Pattern Block Cards for Repeating and Additive Patterns. Last year I found it difficult to find resources teaching this concept. I have the cards laminated and placed on a ring for one of our math centers. The love them! 

I'm going to throw in some extra love for my Texas teachers who are enjoying their snow day! My Texas Our Texas is my BEST seller! This Texas shaped booklet features various Texas symbols, a craftivity, and a few worksheets! Grab it today for just $1!!!!! 

You can check out more great $1 deals through the linky below! 

I better go get ready for school! Are you snowed in today? Happy Friday everyone! 


Beach Ball Math

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know most of you are probably thinking, its the winter time and its freezing so why is she posting something about beach balls? Well, the answer is simple, its EASY, its FUN, and the kids LOVE it! I got this idea from my mom so I'm giving all of the credit to her! 

Beach ball math facts is the perfect way to practice those addition, subtraction and multiplication facts throughout the year. This hands on activity will get your kids up and moving. This is a classroom favorite for sure!

All you need is a beach ball and a permeant marker. I like to grab beach balls when they go on sale i the fall. I grabbed some at Michaels last year for 75% off.

Using a permeant marker, write numbers all over the ball. Have your students make a circle and you stand in the middle. Toss the ball. When they catch it they have to add the two numbers their thumbs are touching (or closest too.) I make them say the whole math fact. Here they added 6 + 6 = 12

Beach ball math facts is the perfect way to practice those addition, subtraction and multiplication facts throughout the year. This hands on activity will get your kids up and moving. This is a classroom favorite for sure!

Then they toss the ball back to me and the game continues. If you teach older grades this can be used for multiplication facts as well. We normally play this on Fridays or any time we have a few minutes and I need a quick filler. 

I also use this same idea to reinforce vocabulary words. You can click here to read all about it. 

Like this idea and want to save it for later? Pin the image below! 

Beach ball math facts is the perfect way to practice those addition, subtraction and multiplication facts throughout the year. This hands on activity will get your kids up and moving. This is a classroom favorite for sure!

Looking for more math ideas? Be sure to follow my Pinterest boards. 


Will it Rain? A Water Cycle Experiment

I'm sitting at the airport headed to visit my best friends for the long weekend. I'm making this post from my iPad so please excuse the typos that may happen! Lol

The past 2 weeks we have been discussing weather and the water cycle in science. Today we did this super easy experiment about condensation and precipitation. Here is what you need:

Clear plastic cups
Shaving cream
Blue food coloring

First have them fill their cup about 3/4 way with water. You can do this ahead of time or have them do it on their own. Then add shaving cream on top of the water to make a "cloud"

Then add a few drops of blue food coloring. I recommend the liquid kind. I was using some that was very thick (last minute because our store was out of the liquid) Then squirt a little water on top of the food coloring. 

Depending on the amount of food coloring, it will soon form precipitation. Talk about the amount of water clouds hold and the amount of precipitation they can produce. Then squirt a little more water on top of the "cloud". More rain will produce. 

They loved this and thought it was so cool! One student even said, "look, it's then eye of a hurricane" so of course I snapped a picture. 

We journaled about our experiment along the way. We wrote our predictions and then what really happened 

Well I'm boarding my next flight. Hope y'all enjoyed the iPhone post! Happy long weekend everyone!


Going for the Gold: Winter Olympic Literacy Centers

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've had a great weekend. I've spent today working on some DIY projects around my house. I did manage to squeeze in some work this weekend. I finally finished my Going for the Gold: Winter Olympic Literacy Centers! I am so excited about these. I absolutely LOVE the Olympics and cannot wait to implement them into my Daily 5/center rotation.

Here is a sneak peak of what you can get with this unit. 

The skills in this pack include; ABC order, punctuation practice, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and compound words. 

You can grab these centers in my TPT store here. They are on sale for a few more hours! 

Have a good week everyone! 


KABOOM! The Game that Every Classroom Needs

Hey Ya'll! Happy Friday! I'm popping in to share with you my kids favorite game/center this year! This is a MUST HAVE for your classroom. Its called KABOOM!!! Catchy right?!? If you don't have any spare popsicle sticks on hand, your going to want to run to the store and get some right after reading this. 

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.
Catchy right?!? It is so simple and be used for so many topics/subjects. I have sets made for doubles/doubles +1 facts, math facts to 10, math facts to 20, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade sight words, and a place value set. You can click here to see how I use Kaboom for vocabulary! You could easily play this with contractions, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, etc...the possibilities are endless! 

I currently have my 1st and 2nd grade sight words out right now. Here's an example.

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.

Here is what you need:

popsicle sticks (LOTS of them!)
permanent markers

With a permanent marker, color the tip of the popsicle stick. This is to show the kids that this end needs to stick up out of the cup. Simply write your sight words, math facts or anything else on the sticks. Place them in a cup and your ready to go. When I make different sets, I use a different color for each one so they do not get mixed up. I add 5-10 KABOOM sticks per cup depending on the topic. 

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.

How to play:
Place all of the sticks in the cup with the colored end sticking up. Have a group of students play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. The first child draws a stick. If they can read the sight word then they get to keep the stick. If they miss the word they have to put it back in the cup.  You can easily differentiate this by having them use the word in as sentence correctly. If they draw a KABOOM stick, they have to put all of their sticks back into the cup! This is a BIG DEAL ya'll!
Simple! Easy! Fun! 

My kids always asked to play this during free time. They LOVE it and that makes me happy! 

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.

I let them play today. When I said stop, one of my kids drew the KABOOM stick and had to put all their sticks back into the cup. They would have won the game if they didn't draw that last stick. Sad times! LOL 

 Have a good weekend everyone! 


Do you DoJo?

Hey ya'll! Raise your hands if you use Class DoJo for classroom management? If you didn't, let me tell you, you are missing out! I discovered this amazing tool last year and decided to implement it into my management system this year. Before I used the clip chart and I was terrible at keeping up with it. I wanted something simple yet effective. DoJo was the answer! 

Class DoJo is a FREE webiste that provides immediate feedback on positive and negative behaviors. It is also a FREE app that you can download to your smart phone or tablet. Here is how it works...

Simply go to www.classdojo.com and create a teacher account. 

Once your account is created, your home screen will look like this. 

Then you add your students into your "class." If you have more than one class, you can create more than one and they will show up like like shown above. Once your students are in the system, they are assigned an avatar. These are a BIG DEAL folks! I'll get to that in second.

This is obviously the sample class but gives you the idea of what it looks like. You can reward students for various positive behaviors that you can customize. Some things I look for are working hard, following directions, using kind words, helping others, etc. You can also punish students by taking a way points. You can also customize these punishments to fit your needs. For example, I use no homework, not following directions, out of seat, said a bad word, etc. When a point is rewarded it appears in the green circle by their name. 

I love the DoJo app. I keep my phone with me all day and can easily add or take away points. Its perfect for hallway behavior or going to the library or computer lab. 

My absolute favorite feature of this site is that parents can get connected and monitor their child's behavior all day. They sign up with their e-mail and every Friday it automatically sends them a weekly report of their child's behavior. Here is what it looks like. This is actually my class report so the percent you see is the average for the week so far. When the parent report is sent, it looks just like this expect it shows only their child's average. You can type comments about their behavior as well. 

You can send reports every day but you have to send them. It does not send them automatically. I only send them daily if they loose a point. I do have a few parents who are not linked by e-mail. I simply print their child's weekly report on Friday and send it home in their folder. Want to know the best part...there is no papers to keep up with! No folders to sign! It seriously saves me so much time. I've asked several of my parents what they think about it and they love it too for that reason. They don't have to worry about signing their child's folder every day or each week. I've gotten lots of compliments on it. 

Now you might be wondering how I go about rewarding students for their behavior. I simply offer a different "prize" for a certain amount points. My rewards are simple and they cost me little to nothing. The biggest reward for them, that they love the most is getting to change their avatar. Seriously ya'll, you have no idea what this means to my kids! I created a student account for each of them. On the sheet posted below it says they can change their avatar when they earn 10 points. I also let them change it for every 10 points they earn. Here are some of the DoJo characters! 


They can change the body style, color, mouth, eyes, and even add hair! Trust me, big HIT!!!

Here is what my reward system looks like. You can click on the picture to download it or here.The file is  editable so you can edit it to fit your needs. A color and black and white version is offered. I will say that if you do not have the font KG LegoHouse installed on your computer it will appear differently and you will need to change it to a font that works with your computer. 

You can read about my classroom reward coupons here and get them on TPT here. You can learn how to make a scratch off lottery ticket here.

Do you use DoJo in your classroom? I'd love to hear how its working for you!

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