Beach Ball Math

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know most of you are probably thinking, its the winter time and its freezing so why is she posting something about beach balls? Well, the answer is simple, its EASY, its FUN, and the kids LOVE it! I got this idea from my mom so I'm giving all of the credit to her! 

All you need is a beach ball. Then write numbers all over it. Have your students make a circle and you stand in the middle. Toss the ball, when they catch it they have to add the two numbers their thumbs are touching (or closest too.) I make them say the whole math fact. Here they added 6 + 6 = 12

They then toss the ball back to me, and the game continues. If you teach older grades this can be used for multiplication facts as well. We normally play this on Fridays or any time we have a few minutes and I need a quick filler. 

There's my simple tip for the day. Have a good evening everyone! 


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