Five For Friday on a Saturday

The first week of school has come and gone. I will say that I am exhausted! Due to exhaustion I wasn't very good at taking pictures of our first week activities! I'll get better, I promise! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs the Five for Friday linky!
1. We used Amy Lemons Let's Get Started Math Pack. My kids loved her silent puzzle activity. It went right along with working on team work and focusing on our classroom rules.
Yesterday we made our Mathematicians! Now, ya'll don't hate on my anchor chart. This is my first year doing them. I can't draw to save my life and I do not have cute handwriting! I'm trying though!
When we were discussing different types of math I was calling on different kids to give me examples of what they thought a mathematician can do. My 2nd kid said "count clockwise and counter clockwise"! :)
After brainstorming, we made our little guys!
2. I'm trying out Daily 5 this year for the first time. This week we have been working on Read to Self. After day 4 yesterday, we are up to 4.41 minutes. I'm pleased with that time. Are you doing Daily 5 this year?
3. I've started using Class Dojo this year for classroom management! I am loving it so far! If you don't know what DoJo is...its a FREE website/app that allows you to track students behavior. You can add or take away points for positive behavior. I'm going to blog about this tool more when I've used it for a while. So far I am loving it and the kids really enjoy it too. They always ask to see their points.
4. You may know that the Mr. and I have two dogs that are our babies! We don't have any kids yet so our pups are completely spoiled and we love them so much. Well....this week they have started fighting. I mean, wanting to kill and hurt each other fighting :(. We have been so upset. They are both females and have been best friends for the past two years. We talked to a vet because we couldn't even keep them in the same yard together. So....Thursday we had them both spayed. We've been told that their fighting is more than likely a dominance thing and that getting them fixed is our best bet for fixing our problem. Has anyone else had dogs be best friends and then all of a sudden just hate each other??? We are so upset by this. are my sweet babies wearing the cone of shame.  it breaks my heart that they have to wear these but its also kinda funny at the same time because it gets caught on everything!!!
5. Last but not least....I am PUMPED that college football season is finally here!!! I live for Saturdays in the fall! Grilling, football, beer and friends! My RED RAIDERS played last night and beat SMU! My hubby is an OU fan so its house divided during football season! Does anyone else LOVE football??? Who do you root for?
Well there's a game on and little smokies in the croc pot! Happy Football Season ya'll!


The Glue Sponge!!!

Have you ever heard of the glue sponge??? Well if you haven't let me tell you that it is a teachers BEST friend! Seriously ya'll, this is the best thing ever!!!! I wish I could take credit for this genius idea but I cannot. I saw it floating around on pinterest last year, pinned it and forgot about it. (I hate that!!!!) Then I saw this post from Kindergarten Smorgasbord and knew I had to try it! Here is how it works.
I wasn't the greatest at taking pictures but its simple. You can see a video tutorial here if you need it but its seriously super easy!
I bought these containers at Dollar Tree. 2 for a $1!! Hello...awesome deal alert!  I bought the sponges at the local dollar store as well. I made $4 glue sponges for $4!
First, lay your sponge in your container.
Then, I poured an entire bottle of glue over each sponge. I used the regular sized bottles of elmers glue.
I put the lids on (sorry no pic :( ) and let them sit for about a week before they were used. The glue absorbs into the sponge and makes it sticky!
I pulled them out today and.....
it is AWESOME!!!! The took the pieces of their and mashed them against the sponge. It covers the back perfectly with the right amount. No globs, no smashed glue sticks, no mess!!! Their fingers get a little sticky but its not bad.
Every few days you need to squirt a few squirts of water to keep it moist. They are supposed to last a long time. I promise, you will L-O-V-E them!

Classroom Digs (Part 2)

It's that time once again....School starts tomorrow! I don't know about ya'll but I'm already exhausted. I posted a sneak peak of my classroom during Teacher Week but it wasn't all the way finished then. After several 12 hour days my classroom is finally ready for reveal!
 Here is the outside of my door.
My display wall is pretty plain. My building is very old and we can't hang a lot on the walls because everything takes the paint off the wall. You can see a few missing chips. I am going to add their names above the clothes pins.
Here is the inside of my door! I just love how it turned out! It makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!
This closet holds all of my craft supplies. The schedule cards are a freebie from Cara Carroll
Here is a close up of my classroom helpers! These came from A Cupcake for the Teacher and the name badges are from That's So Second Grade.
Don't judge me for not having a "cute" pick up work sign. I just simply ran out of time. I'll change it eventually. The crate holds student hanging folders. This is where I put all of their work to be passed back. They are in charge of getting their homework and graded papers out of it each day and putting in their take home folder.
The drawers just hold random supplies.
Last year, I made my students highlight their name before they turned their work in. This was a life saver! I rarely had a "no name" paper! They love using the highlighters so its as win, win situation.
I absolutely LOVE my "Say This, Not That" board! This awesome set came from Hilary Lewis. When we start our writing units, they can go over and pick a fry with a new fancy word! I can't wait to start using it! It was a big hit at meet the teacher!
Then you have my writing board and my AR board. This AR board was changed last minute. Originally had a classroom snapshot board but changed it just a few days ago. To see how I use AR ribbons in my classroom click here and to get my AR circles freebie click here.
Here is my teacher area. Yes, I already have stuff all over my desk. It will probably stay this way most of the year.
The front view of my room. You can get the zebra cursive line here and the primary line here. The number posters can be found here. My birthday posters are displayed under my board. You can get them .here.
Here is my story elements chart, story map display and my daily 5 rotations. The other chart will be used to display math vocabulary.
Here is my word wall. You can get the headers here.
Here are my word work stations. There is an activity in each basket. I'll swap them out every few weeks with new activities.
This is what my back wall looks like. Its bright red and I love it! It mainly holds my math posters. I'll add more to it when concepts come along.
You can get my key word posters here.
My math tubs are ready to go for the year! Click here to see how I use them throughout the year. My Welcome Back Jack centers are ready to go!
Computer center
My library. This is my first year to have it so organized. I love how it turned out!
I didn't realize this picture was so blurry!! My books are organized by AR level and then I have a few baskets with sorted books by titles.
That's So Second Grade has the great author posters for FREE!
Here is my back wall of shelving! This is where the kids back packs will hang.
And last but not least my storage shelves! These hold all of my supplies.
There you have it folks! My room is all ready for the first day tomorrow!


North Texas Blogger Meet Up

I'm a few days late, Sunday I was able to attend the North Texas Blogger Meet Up hosted by Cassie from Adventures in Teaching and Colleen from Mrs. Pattons Patch! A big thanks to these ladies for all of their hard work putting together this get together.
Technically I don't live in North Texas anymore. I just moved to East, TX so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to attend. When I asked my husband if I could make the 2 hour drive just to eat lunch with a group of people I had never met before, he agreed!!! To say thank you, I treated him to the Rangers game the night before and we made a weekend of it! He even dropped me off at the restaurant, "shopped" and took a nap in the truck to wait on me while I was at lunch. He didn't complain once. He scored major brownie points!!
I got to meet some amazing ladies! Many of these are people I have stalked followed their blogs/instagram/TPT for the past few years and I go to meet some new friends as well!
Here I am with the lovely hostesses!
Do you recognize this lady? I got to meet one of my biggest teaching inspirations.
Ok, I'm sure you already knew that it was Amy Lemons from Step Into Second Grade! She was sweet and I really enjoyed getting to meet her and seeing the cutest pictures of her daughter!
Up next is a another inspiration of mine! Any guesses?
You guessed it! Amanda Richardson from Mrs. Richardson's Class! She was too sweet! I just love her!  
Here is the group shot! I'm sure you recognize some of these faces!
You can check out the blogs of these amazing ladies below.
Stop by their blogs and show them some love!

Welcome Back Jack and a Sale!

Its that time!!! Is anyone else EXCITED about the TPT Back to School sale??? I'm pumped!!! I can't wait to clean up my wish list!
The sale will run Sunday, August 18th through Monday the 19th! You can earn up to 28% off when you use the promo code BTS13!!!
Here are a few items that will be featured in my sale!
These Duck Dynasty themed centers are perfect for review the first few weeks of school! It includes 11 math and literacy centers for 1st and 2nd grade!
I made this unit earlier this summer and just love it! 
My Editable Poster Chart Binder! Its perfect for storing all of your anchor/poster charts in one place! Plus you can customize it to fit your needs!
This is my best selling unit!
All of my classroom d├ęcor and alphabet lines will be on sale too!
Happy Shopping Everyone!

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