100th Day Recap

Today was the day...the 100th day of school! This is always one of my favorite days of the year but man oh man, I'm EXHAUSTED!

We started out the day with a little competition. I have each student a hundreds chart and a piece of scratch paper. They had to tear 100 pieces of paper and fill their hundreds chart. The first 5 kids to win got a sucker!

Next, we did some activities from my Hooray! We Made it to the 100th Day unit! I set 4 activities up in stations and we rotated through them for the rest of the morning. We flipped a coin 100 times, rolled a dice 100 times, rolled and colored to 100, and wrote 100 number words! I was so busy today that I didn't get to take very many pictures. Here's the only one I got of these activities.

Then we went on a mystery hunt in search of mystery picture! This was also from my 100th Day Unit. (I accidentally called out the wrong clue at some point and my kids made it well known once the picture was revealed! Hints the "X" LOL)

Our afternoon was a huge blur! We made 100th day hats, When I'm 100 portraits out of construction paper, and 100th day gum ball machines! My classroom looked like a war zone at some point. In spite of the mess, we had a lot of fun!

Silly face picture!
Here's a few of my favorite "When I'm 100" pictures
I got so many great ideas from my 100th day linky party! Thanks again to everyone who participated! There were so many other things we planned to do today but just ran out of time! That never happens right. There were so many great ideas, that I think I'm going to still do a few tomorrow...like cup stacking with 100 cups!
Did anyone else have there 100th day today? How did it go?
Don't forget that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Marcy :)


Fun with 2D Shapes

I hope everyone is staying healthy out there. I had THREE kids out today with the flu...that means I only had NINE kids ALL DAY! I want my sweeties to feel better but I'll admit it was nice to have such a small group today!
Yesterday we've been reviewing 2D shapes before we move onto 3D next week. Today we went on a "shape hunt" throughout our classroom and hallway. We wanted to hunt outside and out at the playground but it has STORMED here all day so we had to stay inside. They were so EXCITED to hunt for circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, octagons and so much more! I had all NINE kids raising their hand! It was fabulous! I didn't get to take very many exciting pictures of this but it was fun! Here they are pointing out shapes on a huge poster in our hallway. Most days I have to ask them not to touch it but today I didn't mind!

Due to the weather, our shape hunt was cut short so I needed about a 20 minute filler. Now, I usually do good at coming up with fillers for a few minutes but 20 minutes, I was worried about what we were going to do. Then something I had seen on pinterest (big surprise) and decided to give it a try. Let's make shapes out of popsicle sticks!!!
Here is the image I saw on pinterst from abeecpreschool
Now, I didn't have time to color my popsicle sticks and label them since I came up with this all in the matter of 2 minutes. I have each student 12 sticks (we are learning shapes up to 12 sides/vertices...a dodecagon). I called a shape such as a heptagon (7 sides) and they had to make it using their sticks! The loved it! Then I came up with the idea to put magnets on the back of my set, so I could make the shape and display it on our whiteboard. I'm sure I'm not the first person to come up with this but I was so proud of myself! I'm going to make a magnet popsicle set to use during centers! Here's my version of our popsicle shapes!
Here's my magnetic sticks that I was so proud of!
 On a different note, I'm so excited to announce that I'm reached ONE HUNDRED followers at my TPT Store and my little blog is getting close too! I need to do something to celebrate!!! What should I do? A giveaway...but what kind?!? I definitely have some thinking to do! A big thanks go all my followers out there!

Marcy :)


Weather Art and a Giveaway

Hey ya'll! This will be short and sweet! I'm working on some wedding projects and I decided to update ya'll between coats of paint on some projects I have going on!
The last few weeks we've been talking about different types of weather in Science. On Friday, I had my kiddos write about their favorite type of weather in the journals. They had to give me three reasons why it was their favorite. (Sorry, no pics of their writing) Then I had them do this fun art activity! They made a picture of their favorite type of weather out of scrap pieces of construction paper. The catch was, they couldn't use their scissors. They had to tear the pieces with their hands. At first they loved the idea...then I got "Ms. Fambro, this is HARD!!!" Here's a few examples!
I think they turned out great! I think they "secretly" loved it!
My friend Mrs.Mc over at Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! A First Grade blog is having a Milestone Giveaway over at her blog and I am lucky enough to be participating in it! Along with my Scoopin Up Fact Families Craftivity, she has OVER 75 AMAZING products up for grabs by some WONDERFUL teachers! Click on the picture below to check out her blog and enter her giveaway!
 I hope everyone is having a great, relaxing weekend!
Marcy :)


Pen Pals Part 1

I have no idea how I'm finding the time to write this post. I have a HUGE stack of papers that I need to be grading that I've put off for the past cough cough 2 weeks! Does anyone else wish their was an app for grading papers? Seriously, I would big money for that! LOL (don't anyone steal my million dollar idea now!)
In spite of all the BUSY-NESS going on right now, I just had to share something with you that I'm so EXCITED about! A few weeks ago, I was on the TPT forums and saw a conversation about someone looking for pen pals for their 4th grade classroom. This got me thinking...what a GREAT idea since we are just beginning to learn how to write letters! I am so pleased to announce that I'm teaming up with Anna from Simply Skilled in Second  and our classes will become pen pals over the next few weeks! How EXCITING is this?!? Now since, her class is so "large" (23 kiddos) and my class is so "small" (12 kiddos), the other 2nd grade class at my school will be joining us! I can't wait to get started!
I created a mini-unit to go along with our project. You can check out "Pen Pals: Let's Make New Friends" on TPT here or on TN here
This unit contains:

 ~A letter to the parents
~Example letter
~Labeling a letter worksheet
~4 "Get to Know You" templates
*All About Me
*All About My Pen Pal
* Where I Live
* This is My School
~3 Letter Templates (for various levels)
~Post Card Template
~Let's Write A Story: A Classroom Project
I am so thrilled to have the opportunity and I can't wait to get started! I'll be sure to keep you posted on our new adventure.
Don't forget about my 100th Day Linky Party! Click here to link up and share your products or to get some AWESOME ideas!  
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Marcy :)

LED Finger Beams! What's That You Ask?!?

Several months back I read about these neat little things from I think the wonderfully, talented Deanna Jump. I have searched and searched for the blog post so please don't hold me to that. Anyways, you might be thinking "what on earth is a finger beam?" Well let me tell you, they are the coolest things EVER!!!
A finger beam is a finger mounted led light (red, blue, green and pink!) that is PERFECT for guided reading! As the kids read, they follow along with their light! How fun is this?!? We used them for the first time last week. I ordered enough to give each kid one to take home and still have plenty to keep in the classroom. Here they are using them for the first time!

I definitely used these as incentives! If they weren't following directions their light got taken up. Let's just say they straightened up very quickly!
 I read about these back before Thanksgiving and ordered some hoping to give them to my kids with their books at Christmas time. Well, I ordered them from China off eBay and they got here at the beginning of this month. The good news is that I got about 40 of them for about $8 with free shipping, the bad news is, if you order from China it is going to take them a little while to get to you. You can find them on Amazon here or on eBay here.
I can't wait to use these more! Has anyone else ever seen these or used them?
Don't forget about the 100th Day of School coming up! My 100th Day linky party is still going on. You have until Friday to link up. I've seen some great products and ideas so far! A big thanks to everyone who has participated so far!
You can check it out here!
 Hope everyone has a great week!

Marcy :)

"It's the Little Things that Matter" Linky

I have found the cutest linky ever ya'll! I couldn't pass this one up!
Randi over at Teach It With Class is hosting a linky to share those precious gifts you receive from a child. You know the ones I'm talking about. "The Best Teacher EVER Picture", a painted rock, various toys found at their house. I love seeing the crazy things my precious ones bring me.
Click on the picture below to visit Randi's blog and link up!

First I'll share one that I don't have a picture of. Last year I had a little girl who brought me things ALL THE TIME. It was mostly stuff borrowed from her mother that had to be returned such. Well one day she brings me this gift wrapped in notebook paper! It was a Baptist hymnal she had gotten from a church event. I had to keep it on the shelf behind my desk all year.

Every time a kid draws me a picture I hand it up on a wall in my room. Its really a door to a closet but they love it. I had seen an idea on pinterest to keep a notebook of all the drawings and pictures you get so that kids can look through it throughout the year but that never happened. Here's my little corner of treasures!

Next comes from a child in the other 2nd grade class at my school this year. He couldn't wait to give me this one day! B-E-A-UTIFUL!
This pretty little gem sits on my desk. "They're real diamonds Ms. Fambro"

I got this one today!

Here come my favorite two!

At Halloween, I always wear a big witches hat and call myself "the wicked witch of 2nd grade!" I talk in a witches voices and all that fun stuff! Well this gave one of my sweet kiddos last year the impression that I liked hats! At the Christmas party I pull out this gem! Yes, I have a princess teacher crown! Yes, I had to wear it A LOT! It now sits on one of my computer speakers!

I saved the BEST for last! My very first year of teaching, my class was a HOOT!!! They constantly made me laugh. One day, after coming in from morning assembly, a little boy pulls me to the side, GETS DOWN ON OWN KNEE, pulls out this from his pocket....
tells me I'm the best teacher ever and asks me to MARRY him! It was seriously the cutest thing ya'll! I no longer teach at that school, but that is something I'LL never forget!

See, I told ya'll this was a cute idea! Now go link up!

Also don't forget about MY 100th day Linky Party! Check it out and link up your 100 day items here.

Also, if you have purchased my Hooray! We Made it to the 100th Day unit, please re-download it. I had a buyer message me to say that random lines were appearing on her pages. I have no idea but it has been fixed along with a misspelled word or two! Thanks for your support!

I'm playing hookie from work tomorrow to go do fun wedding things with my mother!

Marcy :)

100th Day of School Linky Party

Can ya'll believe the 100th day of school is right around the corner?!? Ours is coming up on January 31st and I can't wait! I had to miss this day last year due to surgery so this year I'm getting an early start!
This super fun day has inspired me to host my very first linky party!I sure hope I'm doing this right! Link up and share a unit you've created or a fun thing you like to do in your classroom on this special day!

Here are a few ideas I plan on doing this year! All came from pinterest of course.
I want to decorate my door something like this. Click here to check it out and get more great 100th day ideas.
I love this cup structure idea! I can't wait to try it out. I found it here along with some more fantastic ideas.
And of course it wouldn't be the 100th day with out a cool hat! I really like this one! I found it here. I've also seen some other great ones out there!
I'll also will be doing some activities from my Hooray! We Made it to the 100th Day unit! This unit includes:
8 Math Activities:
1. Roll a die 100 times
2. Flip a coin 100 times (tally marks)
3. Flip a coin 100 times (100's chart)
4. I can make a $1.00 4 different ways (flip book)
5. I can make a $1.00 4 different ways (worksheet)
6. I can count to 100 (a number word activity)
7. 100 Chart Mystery Puzzle (includes 38 clue questions)
8. Roll and Color: A hundreds chart activity

It also includes:
This is Me in 2113: A class activity book!
What do you think about??? A mini book!
100th Day Bookmarks

And several 100th day ideas such as "Searching for 100 kisses" and much more!
Click on the picture below to check it out.
 Now its your turn! Link up your favorite 100th day activities below!

Marcy :)


Hedgie the Hedgehog and a A Tablet for Teacher's Sweepstakes

I have been on cloud 9 today! First, I found out that I was a WINNER in Mrs. Kelly's Klass 200 follower giveaway! I have never won anything before and have been beyond excited receiving some great goodies in my e-mail today. Head on over to her blog and check out her great ideas.
Then, I found out that my Hooray! We Made it to the 100th Day unit was featured in this weeks Teacher's Notebook newsletter! Click here to check it out on TN or here to check it out on TPT.
Teacher's Notebook is also having a sweepstakes to win an iPad mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, or a Nook HD. You have until January 31st to enter once each day!

Last week, Heidi over at In That Room...Adventures in 2nd Grade posted a video she found on Jan Brett's website on how to draw a hedgehog! We read "The Mitten" & "The Hat" by Jan Brett this week and this activity was perfect filler for Friday. They watched the video (which the kids loved), drew their hedgehogs in their writers journals then wrote a story about their character. I think they turned out great! Thanks Heidi for the idea!
Click here to watch the video on How to Draw a Hedgehog by Jan Brett.
I'm taking a break from wedding planning to work on a few new products! Hopefully I'll have them up and going soon! Have a great week everyone!
Marcy :)

Grade Level Flash Drive Giveaway

I wanted to let everyone know about the "Grade Level Flash Drive Giveaway" that Hilary, over at Rockin' Teacher Materials is hosting! She has a HUGE giveaway going on right now for grade levels K-5th!
 Head on over, select your grade level, link up, and enter for a chance to win some FABALOUS resources for your grade level! I'm participating in the 2nd grade linky and contributed my Double Digit Addition and Subtraction unit.   

You have until the January 13th to enter and participate!

Marcy :)


Technology Tuesday: Scootpad.com

I am a huge fan of using technology in my classroom! I've decided to join the "Technology Tuesday" bunch and share with you some of my favorite tech tips!
I found one of the best resources this year through pinterest of course! If you have not checked out ScootPad, click on the link and head on over right now! ScootPad is an online learning platform for students to practice common core standards in Math & Reading. The best thing about ScootPad is its FREE!!!
First you create your class/group. Each child will have a username and password. I kept it simple and just used their names. Once logged in students can write on their classroom wall, "friend" their classmates, change their mood, and earn points for rewards by completing math and reading practices aligned with Common Core Standards. You can go in and edit which standards you want for each unit, select the % rate they have to meet before moving on to the next level and monitor their progress for FREE! It really is amazing!
You students can work to earn "coins". You can set up prizes to give once they reach a certain number. For example, for every 100 coins they earn they get free time with our iPad, for every 500 points they earn, they get a free homework pass and so on. They can even earn coins and earn things from Amazon.com. Parents can also register to keep track of their child's progress. I recently had a child earn 3000 coins and they got to pick a prize from the Amazon website (parents pay for it, read the guidelines carefully). It has been a wonderful incentive in my room.
There is also a homework feature where students can complete their homework online. I don't use this for the simple fact a lot of my kids don't have access to the internet at home but I've heard wonderful things about it.
Each time we log on as a class, I have question posted on our "class wall" and they have to answer it before they move on. If they are working hard, I'll give them free time to "post on the wall". It's like their own version of facebook! They LOVE it!
Here is what "my dashboard" looks like.
Not only is ScootPad a FREE website, there is also a FREE app for iPad and Andriod tablets! My kids get on ScootPad all the time at home! Its so great to see them working so hard! Here is a link to their advertising poster online. Click here to download the PDF for more info.

Does anyone else use ScootPad? What are some of your favorite technology sites?

Oh I've been having some issues sizing my pictures. When I click on my first picture to size it, it always lets me. After that, the sizing box doesn't appear. Is there a way to fix this? It drives me crazy that my pictures are small and not the same size. Help please if anyone can!!
Marcy :)
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