Ghost Spelling!

Let me just start out by saying I LOVE instagram! If you don’t follow me already, you can at @saddleupfor2ndgrade.  I love following teachers from across the country and I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classrooms. We teacher/bloggers really are one big happy family. I enjoy blogging but I have learned so much from the lovely ladies and gents I follow on instagram. I truly believe that it makes me a better teacher.
This lovely little idea I’m about to share I got off instragram from Lucky Little Learners. A few days ago she posted a picture of her kiddos doing Ghost Spelling and I knew right then that this was something my kids would love!
I told my kids they needed their spelling journal, their spelling words, and white crayon. They ALL asked at the SAME time why they needed a white crayon. I showed them my journal and asked them what they saw. They thought it was a blank page (when secretly the words were written with white crayon!). I always tell my kids that I’m “magic” so this was a perfect opportunity to perform a magic trick for them. I took a marker and colored over the “blank page”. You’ll never guess what happened?!? (I bet you really can!) Spelling words magically appeared on my page! Let me tell ya’llthey we’re AMAZED!!!

Here is what you doFirst have them write a word with a white crayon. Then they color over the word with a marker. The word magically appears and they think it’s the coolest thing ever! I heard one of my girls say “I can’t wait to do this at home. I have the coolest markers.” So thank you Lucky Little Learners for the idea! You made my kids day!

On a different note, tomorrow is Halloween. Need a cute homework pass the occasion? You can grab this one in my TPT store for free! Click here to get it.

Happy Halloween everyone!


My Truth Monday and a new Verb Unit

I'm linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her weekly My Truth Monday linky.
This week is all about what creeps you out!
I'm actually really into Halloween. I love haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. I like someone who can actually "scare" me without me laughing at them! Its rare for me to find a scary movie that I really like but when I do I love it! Like I said...don't watch the ones on Netflix (cheese ball!)
Head on over to Sunny Days in Second Grade and show her some love!

Sunny Days in Second

On a completely different note...I've been working on a verb unit the past few weeks and I'm finally finished! Introducing Verbs: Action Packed! This unit is jammed packed with activities to help introduce and review action verbs as well as past, present and future tense verbs.
I've already started on some of these activities with my kids and can't wait to share them with you later this week! You can check this unit out here. It is on sale until tomorrow night!
I've also posted a FREEBIE from this unit! This Find Someone Who is an interactive partner game I like to use a lot in my classroom to review certain topics. This noun and verb game gets the students out of their seat and full engaged. 
Click here to get this freebie! Don't forget to leave me feedback!
GIVEAWAY TIME! I'll giveaway a copy of my new verb unit to the first person who can guess which carved pumpkin is mine! One is mine and the others is my husband!
 Leave your comment and e-mail address below! Good luck!



Heads Down, Thumbs Up Sight Word Style!

Do your kids love playing heads down, thumbs up? I know some people call it heads up, 7 up. I bet I get asked 20 times a day if we can play this game. Since they love it so much I decided to throw  some learning into the mix! Sight words! I really thought I had blogged about this before but I can't find the post so I'm sharing this little gem of a game with you again!
For those of you that don't know the rules to heads down, thumbs up, here's how you play: I choose 3 kids to be it and turn the lights off.  Everyone else puts their heads down on their desk and sticks their thumb up in the air. The 3 that are standing then go around and choose someone. If their thumb is tapped then they put it down. When the lights are turned back on those who had their thumb touched stand up. They then try to guess who picked them. If they guess correctly then they trade spots with that person. If they guess wrong, they have to sit back down.
Here is where the learning comes in! The 3 that I pick to be it are each given a sight word card. When its time to guess who picked you, the student must call out the sight word that that person is holding instead of their name.
For example: If one of the kids in the picture below picked me. I could call out the word "round". If he picked me then we would trade places. If I'm wrong then I sit back down.
I like to play this when we have a few minutes to spare and I need a quick filler! I sometimes do this with our weekly spelling or vocabulary words too. They love it and its great for a quick review!


The Good Behavior Pumpkin!

I'm not sure if its something in the water this year but my class is SO talkative! If you've followed my blog for a while you know that I only have 12 kids (yes, 12 kids...small town!) I know your probably on earth can you complain about 12 kids talking when I have 22?!? Trust me, I feel your pain. Anyways... I have tried all kinds of tricks the past month or so to get my kids to quiet down and wanted to share this fun tip with all of you.  I bought this cute little pumpkin at Dollar Tree last week. Its actually a water bottle and I just took the straw out!

Meet Bowie (boo-ee)! Our Halloween classroom management tool that has been a big help this week. When I first introduced our new friend he did not have a name. My kids sit in 4 groups but I had a few out that day so I split them up into 3 groups. Each group had to come up with a "Halloween" themed name for our new friend. Once we had our 3 names, I gave each kid  a post it and they voted for their favorite name. Here were our choices.

(Does anyone else write crooked when they are writing on their white board? I don't write a lot on my board for that reason. My words/sentences always come out crooked! lol)

They had to work as a group. If everyone didn't agree on the name then they couldn't pick it. Bowie was my favorite choice! I'll confess, that I'm really not sure how to spell "BOO-ee". I actually knew someone named that once and that is how he spelled it so that's what I went with.

Once we had our name I explained why Bowie was here with us. I told them that he was a happy pumpkin looking for kids with good behavior. If he sees you following directions/listening/working hard/helping others etc...then he'll come sit on your desk. Of course they immediately wanted to know if they could touch him and of course my answer was no. Their next question was "can we earn a dojo point if he comes to our desk". My answer was possibly, if your working hard. (I use class dojo as a classroom management tool and I L-O-V-E it! I'm getting ready to do my review on it soon.) I then explained that if Bowie leaves your desk it doesn't always mean that your not following directions, he just wants to show someone else that they are doing a good job too. They immediately ate this up! I had 2 students out the day I introduced him, the next day when they were back that was the first they started talking about was "Bowie" the good behavior pumpkin!

Here is Bowie spotting good behavior today!

I have several plans for Bowie over the next few weeks before Halloween. I plan on doing some sort of writing activity within the next week or so about him so be on the look out for that! I love that something so simple can help accomplish so much. And it only cost me $1!!!


Tackeling Nouns, A New Unit and a Flash Sale!

Hey ya'll! This week we started tackling nouns in our classroom. This is always one of my favorite things to teach. Due to a fire safety program and computer lab my weekly ELA lessons were cut in half this week. I used several activities from my Lets Tackle Nouns unit. (You can get this on sale right now but more about that in a minute!)
We started off by making our Noun Playbooks. I read There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat to them and as I read we picked out the nouns and wrote them in our book. I quickly realized this was a poor choice book to pick because there were only 2 characters but it was ok! We filled up our "thing" page quickly.
Towards the end of the week I introduced Common/Proper Nouns. Here is the flip book we made. We'll be working on the concept a lot more next week.
We made also made our Football craftivities! I have a class of 8 girls and 4 boys so I was excited to have them make this so the boys could have something to relate too! I heard one girl say "isn't football for boys". Here is a picture of how they turned out! This football fanatic loves them!
We also worked on place value all this week. I introduced my Candy Corn Number Puzzles yesterday during center time and they were a huge hit! If you already own this item you can redownload it. I updated the fonts to a more kid friendly read.
I FINALLY have my money unit posted! I started on this unit several weeks ago and just kept putting off finishing it. I'm so glad its finally finished and I'm so proud of it. Show Me The Money is designed to introduce and reinforce money skills up to $1.00 (some of the activity sheets go past a dollar.)
Here is a sneak peak of what you can find in this unit.
You can click here to check it out! I've also posted an exclusive Facebook fan only FREEBIE from this unit! Head on over to my facebook page, click LIKE, check out the fans only tab to see what it could be!
Last but not least, TPT has reached 100,000 facebook fans! WOOHOO! They are celebrating with a 10% off coupon code. I'm also celebrating with them! My entire store is 15% off and you can earn an extra 10% with the code: FB100K! Its time to go shopping!


A Peek At My Week

I've always loved seeing the visual lesson plans floating around the blogging world. Last week I decided to try it out and found it not to be to difficult since I type my lesson plans anyway and they don't have to be very detailed. Last week as I was typing my plans I just quickly added the images and saved! plans are done in Microsoft Word and if you're familiar with the program, you cannot save the file as a jpeg. Soooo I copy and pasted everything into PowerPoint and rehyperlinked everything...then I couldn't get my hyperlinks to work. I think I have them fixed so if they aren't working let me know. I've included the links under the plans also.

As I mentioned, my plans are not very detailed. This is what I turn into my principal each week. The only difference is that the materials used are listed instead of the TPT picture. I include the TEKS covered (Texas version of Common Core), what I'm doing and my materials. Easy Peasey Right?!?

In math we have been working on place value. This week we are reviewing everything we have learned the past few weeks so we are using center games from my Place Value Activity Pack.
I also use Surfin' Through 2nd September Word Problems. These are fantastic to review word problems. This pack includes working on key words and helps students determine how they solved the problem. I run off 2 problems for each day and we do them as part of our morning work.

On Friday's after we take our math test we rotate through centers. This week we'll be using centers from my Double Bubble Unit and my Welcome Back Jack unit.
For reading my district uses the Journey's Reading series. I'm actually working making individual units for Unit 2 of this series. Its a work in progress for sure. To help supplement the stories in our series, I've been using The Bubbly Blonde Teacher's unit for Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon. There two Henry and Mudge stories in our first unit so of course I had to incorporate some lessons from Amy's A Boy and His Dog Unit.  We're also focusing on authors purpose so I'm using Over the Hill's Authors Purpose: Easy as Pie Unit. 
 We introduced nouns this week in Language Arts. We will be using my Let's Tackle Nouns Unit. I'm so excited to finally use this! We rotate through literacy centers on Friday. We'll be using centers from my Welcome Back Jack Unit.
I rotate through social studies, science and health every two weeks. Last week and this week we're studying healthy and unhealthy foods in health. Were using Amy's Let's Get Healthy Unit this week.

 There is a look inside my week. I hope my hyperlinks work. Click on the pictures to download the google docs file and you should be able to click on the links from there. Does anyone have an easier way to do this? I'll try to share what I'm doing from now on. I hope ya'll have a great week!


Mixing Up Complete and Incomplete Sentences Halloween Style

A few days ago I had a friend ask me why I mostly blog about math. I guess I had never really thought about it but here was my response...Math is my favorite subject to teach but that's not really why. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I planned the math, science and social studies for my grade level. Since that is what I plan for that is what I talked about the most. BUT now I'm planning everything for my class. I have a low group this year and I'm having to go back and teach some skills. Anyways, I won't get off subject, I decided to write about something other than math and let me tell ya'll, I am SO EXCITED about this post! I actually wanted to write it last night but was having some computer issues.
This week we've been working on complete and incomplete sentences. Earlier this week I made my fancy, schmacy anchor chart! (This is about as fancy as I get ya'll!)
After reviewing our rules, I gave each kids a post it note with either a complete or incomplete sentence. We then sorted them onto our chart.
This year I've had to think out side of the box a little extra harder. All week I was trying to come up with creative ways to teach this concept because they we're really struggling. That's when I made Halloween Mix It Up: A Complete and Incomplete Sentence Game. Here is the gist of the game...
Call a group of students up to the front of the room. The number of students will vary with the number of words in the sentence. Give each student a word card. At first, have only a few students stand at the front of the room and make an incomplete sentence. Discuss what makes that sentence incomplete. Then have the rest of the group join in. They must make the sentence complete by standing in order. I like to have them do this activity without talking. Then make a new group with new students and repeat the process.
Here are my kiddos in action. I will say it was hard to get a clear picture because they we're so excited about this. The concept just clicked! Ding, Ding! Light bulb!
Here is my first group. This sentence had 4 words in it. I used 2 people to make it incomplete at first.  We talked about why this was an incomplete sentence. They responded with "it doesn't make sense" and "there is no capital letter."
Then I brought in the rest of the group. We read the sentence and they decided that it still was incomplete.
Here comes the fun part....the kids in the "audience" had to put the kids holding the word cards in order. The kids holding the cards could not talk. They did such a good job!!! I heard things like "Bob go the end because you have a period." Bob is not the kids real name! Here is the correct sentence.
Halloween is in October.
 Here we are in action again.
Incomplete sentence.

Complete sentence.
October is my favorite month.
By the end they were posing crazy with their sentence! They loved it so much! I wish you could see their faces!
I have several videos on my phone of them doing this activity. I really wish I could post one because they were so into it. Seriously ya' lesson I've done all year! They we're so proud of themselves!
You can get this activity here! I comes with 10 Halloween themed sentences and a recording sheet.
I have a 3 day weekend ya'll! I'm headed to San Antonio bright and early tomorrow for the Women of Joy conference! Have a good weekend everyone!

October Currently

Can ya'll believe its already OCTOBER??? It sure is a super busy month for me. San Antonio this weekend, best friends wedding in two weeks, homecoming parade (preparing a float), fall carnivals, Halloween parties and so, so much more. With that being said I'm linking back up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for her monthly linky!
Listening~ The Mr. and I just recently got into The Walking Dead! We're trying to catch up before the new season starts in a few days. We are on season 3 and can't stop watching!
Loving~ That its FALL! Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cooler weather (well not really in Texas), colorful leaves, the smell of pumpkin spice in my scentsy, fall d├ęcor! Need I say more?
Thinking~ I have a small group this year but the majority of them are behind. I've had to think out side of the box to try and get them caught up! Check back on the blog tomorrow for some things I've been doing to help my struggling ones.
Wanting~ This weekend I'm headed to San Antonio for the Women of Joy conference. Each year I always attend Women of Faith with my mom, sister in law and a big group of friends. This year due to crazy schedules, our big group couldn't all attend the same event. I'm going with my mom and best friend who is coming all the way from Lubbock (I'm pretty excited about this too since I haven't seen her since my wedding!). This is my first time to try out the Women of Joy conference. I'm pretty excited to spend the weekend praising the Lord! Here is what our schedule looks like. I'm pretty pumped that Kay from Duck Dynasty will be speaking and Chris Tomlin is preforming! Are any of my blogging buddies attending this conference?
Needing~ Since I'll be gone on Friday for the conference, I have got to get my sub tub in order! That is on my to-do list tomorrow also!
Trick of Treat~ I've blogged about this tip before. Did you know that student desks are dry erase?!?!?! Well now you do! You can read my previous post here. I have been terrible about taking pictures of our day this year. I don't know what my deal is. I quickly snapped this photo as the kids were cleaning up.
We used our desks as place value mats today! We worked on making three digit numbers and writing their number word. If you do this, expo markers work the best. It comes write off with a tissue. If you use an off brand or bic (that's what my class set it) it will come off but leaves some marks. Simply run a wipe over it and your good to go with clean desks! Plus its a big hit with the kiddos!
Head on over to Farleys blog to check out more great Currentlys!

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